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  1. Left my rangefinder and my XR 11W (yes, I know) on the 9th fairway at a local course. Discovered them missing on #10 and went back to ask the guys behind us if they had picked them up. Nope, was the answer. Drove back to 9 and no club/laser. There was however, a Ping 7i in the exact spot where my junk had been. Went back to the 10 tee and asked the guys if it was their club and one said yes. It doesn't take Colombo to figure out what happened. Disgraceful.
  2. Hitting the new V1x on the course, noticed some distance loss. Went to Club Champion -TrackMan said I was getting almost 800rpm more spin. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Forget the tee height - the best way to hit it longer is use a buddy's driver. Every time I hit someone else's club, I hit it 20 yards further.
  4. Does anyone PURE their shafts anymore and does it help.
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