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  1. I purchased a Callaway EPIC Heaven wood (7) about two months ago and I can honestly say I've had the best results with a new club I've ever had in my life. I'm a low ball hitter and a 3 wood or a 5 wood never get up very high for me, hence I had forever given up on dropping anything into a green from a distance and have it stay on. The 7 wood has been a godsend, hitting greens from 185 to 200 yards like the ball was dropping from the clouds. Loved it so much a got a 9 wood a month ago. Same thing, 170-180 yards dropping in from the sky and sticking. No need for Christmas gifts this year, Santa already took care of me.
  2. Well, I received my 225's about a week ago, and after 27 holes they are getting traded in. I ordered them without even hitting them, as I've always loved Mizuno, these looked perfect for me, and they are beautiful. However, and I hate to be the guy to say it, but the hollow bodied Mizuno 225's just doesn't feel like a Mizuno to me, not even close. They are a nice profile size, and look exactly as I would want them to, but they just feel, well, hollow. I'll try another Mizuno option, but these are not it.
  3. Yep, pre-ordered mine (225's) on Jan 3rd, still not here..................just........................waiting..........................
  4. I believe the only reason to carry a 3W will depend on how far your driver is off the tee. For example, I love my 3W but only off the deck, never off the tee. I use it for second shots into long par 4's and 2nd shots on many par 5's. If you only have it in the bag to occasionally drive with, I don't see the point of carrying it. I use it off the deck 4-6 times a round depending on the course.
  5. As always, it depends what works for you. My address for both likely looks the same to a casual observer, but there are subtle differences. Since there will be relatively small breaks in most short putts, staying quite square is important to me so I can track a very specific line (more mechanical). I also hit just a tiny bit down on these, which keeps the ball tracking firmly. On longer putts, since they are rarely going to travel on a straighter line than short putts, are more about speed. Often several different lines can be taken depending upon green speed, slope of a the particular green your on, etc. Hence longer putts are more about feel for me, picking a more general line toward the peak of the desired apex and then feeling the speed necessary to use whatever slope/break exists to get to the desired apex point. I achieve this best when my stance is just a bit open when compared to a short putt. Different strokes for different folks, keep trying different variations until the results speak for themselves (saving more short par putts, reducing your number of three putts when starting from 20'+ from the hole.
  6. All my clubs (sans the putter) have Golf Pride Tour Wrap (mid-size) grips. They are softer than most grips and tacky (when clean) which keeps the club feeling secure in my hands without needing to squeeze at all. My putter is a Two Thumb grip (out of the UK) that is flat on top and bottom and quite wide, comfortably accommodating both hands using my putting prayer grip (how appropriate).
  7. I'm lucky in that the course I belong to in Pittman NJ (Running Deer) owns/operates 7 other (semi-private) courses within a 50 mile radius, and you can play any of them under the same membership. I still occasionally play 3-4 other area courses that either have interesting layouts, unique green complex's, or both. However, it's a good deal joining a course that is affiliated with other courses in order to regularly enjoy more variety for the same $'s.
  8. Being a "feel" putter, trying to use an alignment mark only serves to make me try and be extra exacting, which causes some tension, which leads to missing the damn putt anyway. Although, if you prefer to look at the ball instead of the hole when making a putt, it would seem to make some sense to use a mark to ensure you start it on the desired line.
  9. To explain my one and only swing thought (be ready, it's weird) you have to understand that it has nothing to do with golf, I only use it to calm my mind when over the ball. I've found that any thinking is counter productive for me, as it only leads to tension. So, when anything try's to force it's way into my mind prior to swinging I mentally sing a line from a song in the musical Annie, "The sun'll come out tomorrow, you can bet your bottom dollar, Tomorrow". It's impossible to be fearful or tense when I internally sing that, it's so weird it just makes me smile when I do it, and then I swing. By the way, it's a song my now 25 yr. old daughter used to always sing to me when she was little, whatever works my man.
  10. Ping G425 Max - My FIR percentage has increased almost 20% since obtaining this club.
  11. Just like it is for the Pro's, it depends on the course. Some courses have quite reasonable rough so bombing and gouging makes sense, as shorter clubs into the green out of shorter rough works well for me. When I play a course with longer (or wet) rough, being in the fairway further back is a better bet in order to obtain a GIR. So, my score on a particular day is better when I hit fairways (further back) on courses with dense rough, and my score is better when I bomb it, even into the rough, on courses with shorter (and dry) rough.
  12. Played at Pinehurst (#2 and #8) last month and procured the GolfLogix book for each course well before my trip. I've played there previously, sans the green reading books, and what a difference having them made on these two courses. I wouldn't necessarily get them for my own course since I play it regularly and I've become completely familiar with where to go and where not to go on each green. However, on a course your unfamiliar with, especially those with complex greens, they are incredibly helpful and will save you several strokes at a minimum.
  13. It makes sense that putter grips fit how you opt to hold the putter, which is why I've had such a long road to find the perfect grip for myself. I use a prayer grip, such a wider grip on the putter really helps make room for both hands being in essence in the same place on opposite sides of the grip. Watched Matt Wallace a few months back (PGA player) and he grips the putter the same way. I could read his grip and it said "Two Thumb" on it, so I Googled the name and it turns out they are made by a UK company. They come in a couple of different widths from very wide (45 millimeters) to a bit less wide (32 millimeters). I ordered the "Original" width (the widest) for $32 (plus about $60 shipping from the UK) and I've been playing it for 3 weeks. What a difference, especially in my short putts where I often have had a pull problem. Look it up if you prefer wider grips, it was worth it for me.
  14. 1) Putters are so uniquely personal 2) I like pretty things 3) I got tired of collecting ex-wives (much more expensive than any putter) I currently only own three (down from about 8), Cameron Phantom X 6 STR with a Cameron Jumbo Matador grip and a custom paint job, an Evnroll ER2 CS with a Two Thumbs grip and a Cameron Phantom X 8 with a Two Thumbs grip and a custom paint job. When one goes cold for a bit the others are ready to fill in (put me in coach!). Always looking for a new putter that looks great and will listen to me (unlike the wives).
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