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  1. Will Nakayama speed recorded on Trackman: 11/17/22 - 75.6 current 75.6 starting
  2. This may not be an option. I have a non electric pull/push cart & I use a Bag Boy Revolver with a side putter well. Just turn the top till you find your club.
  3. I have a 5 wood with a 3 wood shaft & a 7 wood with a 5 wood shaft.
  4. I use the layer up theory. I wear a sonomo thermal with any short sleeve polo over that. Instead of a jacket, I wear a vest. There are several types depending on how much you want to spend. I may be different than you but I find if my core is warm, I'm warm. I do carry air activated hand warmers in my pockets ( pants & vest.) I keep a couple of balls warm using the hand warmers. I find a vest allows for more freedom swinging.
  5. I know you tube can be a mess but it might not be all hip rotation. You can put a club over your shoulders and rotate back and forth making sure you do sway either way, rotating around a stable spine. Check out Clay Ballard's Straight Line release. You may be rotating fine but releasing the club early.
  6. Horschel should use the armlock then maybe he'd be a better putter. He's a whinner
  7. I walk at least four 18 holes rounds a week. I used to walk/play everyday but the golf course in my neighborhood closed due to poor management & no owner support. Like yourself I find walking is a more enjoyable way to play golf.
  8. I currently use a Odyssey O-Works mallet centered shafted putter. I would be interested in testing the Tommy Armour Impact putter
  9. Bill Nakayama, Cibolo,Texas 78108. I've been walking all my rounds since 2008. I play a minimum of 4 round of golf a week sometimes playing 27 or 36 hole in a day. I currently use a CaddyTek EZ 3 Wheel. I have been interested in possibly getting a remote electric cart & Motocaddy is one that seems to get the highest ratings.
  10. The tee height test was interesting? Do you know what the average tee height is on the PGA Tour? The Riviera Country Club seems to be getting the best of some of the best. Hopefully you submit your findings to the USGA,R&A & PGA. I have a question. There are standards that clubs & ball must meet to be approved. If these standards remain the same then how is more distance achieved? Physicality has something to do with it as Bryson have proven. Other than that if the clubs & balls all meet the requirements what do the Golfing Governing Bodies contribute to the gain in distance?
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