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  1. For a Golf hitting mat for backyard, you must have a look at this brand. I got this mat at 27 bucks. It is portable size and lightweight to take out. It actually moves a little be when I swing, the mat is designed with a stiff rubber base though... Not a 100% perfect mat but it did the job, it also comes with 9 Ts in different size, bonus!
  2. I would recommend you guys to pick this one, The prowithlin golf towel and brush set is really a nice deal, yeah, the towel is same with the average on the market, it is Waffle type that is deformed-proof... I got this at the cost of 13 bucks. The brush is designed with a retractable pin but the pin will be pushed back if you clean the groove with high pressure on it, this is the only flawness:( I would say this is really a good substitute for a branded towel like Callaway.
  3. Why do I think that I will be competent in this position?
  4. This telescopic golf ball retriever from PROWITHLIN comes as a two-piece package, unlike many other similar affordable products. The simplicity of its design makes the tool easy to use, especially on regular-sized golf balls. To start off, both of the kit elements feature a stainless steel collapsible pole that can be extended from 16.5 inches to 6.6 feet in a matter of seconds, making it great for catching balls in hard-to-reach spots such as bushes or shallow ponds. On top of that, the retracted length of just 16.5 inches makes both units fit just about every standard golf club bag nice
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