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  1. Living in the Midwest, there's a long off-season and putting mats give me the ability to continue practicing regardless of the weather. My biggest area of concern is also putting so being able to improve is a high priority for me. Right out of the box, the mat was almost completely flat except at the very end, which was expected. I put a TV dinner stand on it for an hour and that fixed the curve pretty quickly. I own the Perfect Practice mat as well and I wish that had laid flat like this one does. My experience using this mat was extremely positive. It was easy to assemble (took not even 5 minutes) and was pretty much ready to go since I didn't have to worry about flattening it. The lines on the mat make it really easy to see if you're hitting the ball straight and if you need to make any adjustments. I like that there are three holes you can aim to because it's easy to get bored quickly if you're spending so much time putting indoors, but having three holes, all different sizes, provides more of a challenge and gives more excitement to practice. The sand and water are fun and visually pleasing in addition to helping give more of a reason to putt straight and avoid those areas. The elevation to the holes is great too because it helps force you to practice putting uphill and would keep you from leaving it short when you're actually out on the course. The little flag that says 19th hole was a fun addition and put a smile on my face when I unboxed the mat too. There was only one con for me and that was that sometimes the ball would get stuck right as it's rolling onto the return but that may just be user error because of how I assembled it. I usually hit a couple balls one by one so the second ball helps knock out the one that's stuck anyway. Overall I really like the Prowithlin putting mat. I find myself turning to that just as often as I was turning to my Perfect Practice mat. My putting has definitely improved since I've started purchasing mats and that's led to more birdies on the course than I anticipated. This mat makes practice really enjoyable and I'm looking forward to seeing more results.
  2. For a Golf hitting mat for backyard, you must have a look at this brand. I got this mat at 27 bucks. It is portable size and lightweight to take out. It actually moves a little be when I swing, the mat is designed with a stiff rubber base though... Not a 100% perfect mat but it did the job, it also comes with 9 Ts in different size, bonus!
  3. I would recommend you guys to pick this one, The prowithlin golf towel and brush set is really a nice deal, yeah, the towel is same with the average on the market, it is Waffle type that is deformed-proof... I got this at the cost of 13 bucks. The brush is designed with a retractable pin but the pin will be pushed back if you clean the groove with high pressure on it, this is the only flawness:( I would say this is really a good substitute for a branded towel like Callaway.
  4. Why do I think that I will be competent in this position?
  5. This telescopic golf ball retriever from PROWITHLIN comes as a two-piece package, unlike many other similar affordable products. The simplicity of its design makes the tool easy to use, especially on regular-sized golf balls. To start off, both of the kit elements feature a stainless steel collapsible pole that can be extended from 16.5 inches to 6.6 feet in a matter of seconds, making it great for catching balls in hard-to-reach spots such as bushes or shallow ponds. On top of that, the retracted length of just 16.5 inches makes both units fit just about every standard golf club bag nice and tight. The only real issue is with the ball trap itself. Since you can't really fix the golf ball in place once it has been caught, it can fall out from the trap quite easily, provided you don't carry it as carefully as possible. To avoid this problem, we recommend tightening the head using a screwdriver of appropriate size. This way, you will be able to move the plastic sides of the trap closer to each other, leaving less room for the ball to escape. Good and affordable golf equipment is hard to come by but PROWITHLIN absolutely nailed it with this model that is durable and flexible enough to handle almost all standard golf balls. Perfect for training sessions and casual golf games, the PROWITHLIN ball fetcher will be a great addition to both new and old golf kits.
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