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  1. I in no way discount the MGS driver testing- it is in its own league and head and shoulders above all other tests. I could conclude that Ping G425 max is one of the most accurate drivers only because MGS makes the raw data readily available. Big kudos to MGS and all the testers. From the raw data, many other interesting analysis can be done - this may not be for the general public but for golf enthusiasts it’s a gold mine .
  2. Point taken but no one should buy $500 driver off the rack without custom fitting, especially for most people on this forum who are informed and are serious about their games. G425 Max has a draw tendency, and lower launch than prior model. With proper fitting, it will be the most accurate driver of 2021. don’t rule it out just because it’s middle of pack finish.
  3. MGS did not exclude the far left shot, for good reasons I think. Yes It’s offline by -55.5 yards, but it’s not something we don’t see on TV once a while right. Think the wayward tee shot of Jordan Spieth in his Open win ....
  4. Guys, if you look deeper at the dispersion data, it’s clear that Ping G425 Max is a very accurate driver, more so than most others that are ranked higher. It’s just that the draw biased tendency hurts the test results. Working with a good fitter, this issue can be easily fixed. Don’t miss the most accurate driver in the market because it’s not ranked high. The following is dispersion comparison between G410 LST and G425 Max for high speed players ( >270 yards). It’s clear that G425 max would be a clear winner if the shot pattern is moved right for 10 yards, which a good fitter can
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