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  1. Push come to shove; I have an unaccounted-for round I could offer up if no one else comes forward. It's not my best, but it would get the team in the middle of the pack (+7 gross, -7 net). Hopefully someone can post another score for you later today. I have to agree with you on having more of these. I've had fun following the scores. Unfortunately for many (as shown in some of the rounds this week), weather can be an issue and an unfair advantage for some. When decent weather returns to the North in the Spring (or we have a Florida and other Southern states league), it might be interesting running a multi week, multi team Ryder Cup-like tournament. I could see a 32 person/4 team (or some multiple of this) event. We pick four captains and hold a draft of the remaining 28 players. Team A and B would face off against each other and C and D would do the same. We could start with a best ball net score team format (2 against 2 times two) with a point awarded for a win, 1/2 point for a tie. Players would have a week to finish their round. The next week the captains pick the individual players to match off against one another. Again, they would have a week to complete and post their round. The winner of A and B would face the winner of C and D matches for the championship, with the loser bracket playing for third place. The championship would follow the same best ball and individual match formats. It would take a month to complete but imagine the trash talking for the weeks leading up to, during and after the event!
  2. Great score you two! Not to steal any thunder, but it's looking good for you two!
  3. Date 11/26/2022 Course Name Key West Golf Club Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 13 Gross Strokes over/under par 15 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 19 Very pedestrian round today. I wish I had the cold, snow or another good reason I didn't play up to my best today. If you looked at the round stats, you'd think it was a pretty solid round (with the exception of GIR, but that's about half of what I usually have). I was short of every tee and just didn't feel like I hit the ball well today. Better luck next week!
  4. When I say I was the anchor for Team Feast Mode, I don't mean just the last to post! I wish I had poor weather to blame for my mediocre play today. As a 13 handicap, I shot an 85 at my home course of Key West Golf Club. I had my first three putt in several rounds today. The real reason? An example of two wrongs don't make a right! My playing partner was slow to get to his ball to mark it and I underestimated my putt's break. As a result, I hit his ball leaving me about 20 plus feet away to salvage a two-putt bogey. My longest drive was 190 yards. Gobble..gobble!
  5. As mentioned earlier, there's several club distances times a number to get the yardage most golfers should play. They include 5 iron distance x 36 and driver distance x 28. There's no doubt that playing from the "correct" tees not only makes the game more fun, but also speeds up play. The new GHIN handicap system does a better job at adjusting handicaps based on which tees one plays from. Unfortunately, the people I play with somehow do not realize that this is the case! I personally have struggled with this same scenario myself. I'm mid 60's and multiple physical issues that impact my swing and ultimate distance. I typically hit my driver about 180 yards and five (hybrid) roughly 1405 yards. Using the formulas, I should be playing tee boxes 5100-5200 yards which would actually put me between the gold and red tee boxes on my home course. Yet my "playing buddies" insist I play from the 6035 yard white tees. Their opinions are not swayed even when presented Shot Scope data on my rounds. I hit almost 80% of the fairways in regulation, but only 13% greens in regulation (77% being short of the green) as most of my approach shots are 150-200 yards out. Their defense is always you are a great chipper and good putter! You know, I'd rather not have to be a great at getting up and down just to score! This fall on deft ears! It's funny the number of men who have complained in recent years that they can't move up to previously were known as the women's red tees! Not because their games didn't dictate the move, but our course never had the red tees rated for men. So, they could not post a score if they indeed played from the red tees. One of my new volunteer activities is course rating in Southern Florida. I asked Florida State Golf Association rating people if they could create the men's red tee rating based on data they already collected. They said yes and a day later we now have men red tee rating. Now it's funny watching those who should be up to the reds waiting until one of their peers do it, so they don't have to be the first. I'm also involved with a local golf association that sets up monthly tournaments to have fun and generate funds to support our local high school golf teams. We struggled with this topic. We concluded that just because someone can drive it 235 yards doesn't mean they can ultimately score from the tees they are playing from. There are so many other components to a person's game that contributes to their ultimate handicap. We ended up with the following local rules: For these scramble tournaments, we created the sum of handicap and age thresholds for people to move up to the next tee box. Our course (pardon stereotyping descriptions) has the normal blue tee tips, white for mortal men, golf tees for senior men, red for women and even green tees located in the middle of the fairway for disabled or ultra-high handicap players. We ended up stating starting points. All men play from the white tees and all women play from the red. If a men player's handicap from the gold tees plus their age is 85 or older, they can play the golds. If a men player's handicap from the red tees plus their age is 95 or over, they can play from the reds. For men and women players who's handicaps from the green tees plus their age is 100 or over, they can play from the greens. The key is handicap from that particular tee as handicaps will side South pretty quickly as they move up. An unintended consequence resulted in setting these rules. In our monthly scramble tournaments, we have some very senior players who struggle to hit their driver over 100 yards and 40+ handicaps that struggle with consistency. In the past these people were considered a liability when they were put on your team. All of a sudden, these groups of people move up to the very short green tees and they become a valuable asset! Even if they top their driver, it will likely be longer than a 250 plus yard drive from white tees. The player moving up has more fun, they are appreciated more from their teammates and everyone contributes.
  6. I feel honored being associated with my fellow Week 8 Virtual Weekly Championship Tour winners. As consistently the shortest driver of my fellow competitors, I guess I must be doing something right to be even in contention. Originally from Rochester, New York, I feel for those impacted by last week's snowstorm in Buffalo. After dealing with the cold, snow and cloudiness most of my life, I now get to enjoy the warmer and sunnier weather of Key West year-round. For those up North struggling to get their last round in before the deep freeze sets in, come on down and give Key West Golf Club a try. Guaranteed no snow and shorts weather!
  7. As with many others above, I'll pull a ball out of my bag and will keep it in play (typically for multiple rounds) until it meets its demise in water, mangroves or OB. Right now, I think I'm on my fourth or fifth straight round with my OnCore Vero X1 ball. Given my home course, Key West Golf Club, with narrow fairways, water, mangroves and/or OB on just about every hole, that's pretty good. Even though I don't lose too many golf balls, I know for certain there are a bunch of people who do and have to put multiple other balls in play! As the Southernmost golf course, we have a lot of visitors who play our course. Since many are not familiar with course and underestimate the trouble out there, it's amazing how many golf balls that I find without even trying during a normal round of golf. I would conservatively say it's 2-4 balls a round (again without even trying). Even giving away balls to my playing partners who like certain brands, I have to do a ball purge about once a month just to keep my cart bag weight down so the course staff do not get hernias.
  8. Date 11/20/2022 Course Name Key West Golf Club Gross Score 84 Course Handicap 13 Gross Strokes over/under par 14 Net Score to Par 1 Net Score 71 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 200 On a blustery day, I had the tale of two nines. I started with a par (net birdie) and proceeded to double bogie four of the last five holes. On the back I pared ten (net birdie) and proceeded to shot three over (38). I must have slept wrong on my left shoulder last night as it took me the front nine just to loosen up. For the first time since tracking fairways in regulation on my Shot Scope H4 (and for years tracking FIR on the GHIN app), I hit 100% (14 of 14) fairways. I got up and down almost 60% of the time and had only 26 putts. The day started with such promise, then was filled with disappointment and ended with optimism. If I can only put to backs together!
  9. @Samsonite, completed my round today. I tried to message you with the details. Since I expect to get in at least two more rounds before Black Friday. Since you were my first partner, I wanted to give you the first right of refusal on the round. Message me and I can get you the details. Gobble gobble!!
  10. @Golfspy_TCB sure, count me in for one of my rounds! You pick the team name. It's amazing how much having to pay attention all day at a trial can drain you. I need the few extra brain cells I have left for finishing up tomorrow! Thanks for asking. @Samsonite you get the first round on Saturday. That will give me a day of rest before hitting the links!
  11. I'm in @Samsonite! Name works for me. Looking forward to see what we can do!
  12. Anyone need a partner? I know it's a bit late, but I've been tied up with jury duty this week. I was 40 picked out of 450 to move forward for the only trial this week. Then I was the first of seven picked for the jury. I guess I should have said "death to all with parking tickets!" and gotten off. Hopefully done tomorrow. I'll be getting at least two rounds in during the Turkey Trot period. No weather issues here in Key West, other than some expected wind. My course handicap is 13 and I'll be ready to hit some golf balls after sitting and listening to testimony all week. I'm willing to team up with anyone. Let me know.
  13. Keep up the good work! The best part is that it's all downhill from here. I agree with you getting off the narcotics. During my knee replacement it was given to me the one day in the hospital and to make the 4-5 hour trip home from the hospital. Per doctor's orders, I took it before my first physical therapy session to manage the pain. After that, like you I stuck with over-the-counter medications. Glad to hear you are progressing and we've got fingers crossed for your recovery!
  14. Do you think Cobra is trying to channel Buzz Lightyear's "to infinity and beyond!" with the symbol on the face?
  15. Date 11/12/2022 Course Name Key West Golf Club Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 13 Gross Over/(Under) 15 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 177 Today started with such promise! Par on four of the first five holes (three of them net birdies). Then then I struggled a bit. 8 putts in the first five holes, then 22 for the remaining fifteen holes! I burned the edges so many times today. I had 11 putts within 3 ft. or less. I have to hope that eventually they will start to drop! Other than that, very typical round. Normal fairways in regulations, greens in regulation and up and downs.
  16. @Muckinfiddle the par 70 blue tees play 6531 yards with a rating of 71.1 and slope of 131.
  17. Yeah, that's the 8th hole. It can be intimidating. Depending on the height of the mangroves, you can only see about the back third of the green from the tee box. It's only about 130-150 yard shot, but with mangroves, sand trap, a narrow green sloped front to back and trap along the back of the green, it can be a challenge. Welcome to my world. I play it three to four times a week. With the shifting winds, it plays differently almost every day.
  18. Here's another thank you for all who served and are serving this great nation. Every holiday, I decorate my front fence with beads tied to that special day. On this Veteran's Day, here's my fence decorated in red and blue!
  19. @tony@CIC I have to agree with you on teeing off on the tips point. My home course is considered somewhat of a resort course with our share of visitors. Those new to the course look at the scorecard, see 6035 yards from the white tees and decide to move back to the tips. The problem is "they don't know what they don't know". The first tee looks fairly benign. What they don't see is every hole having OB, water hazards or mangroves. What they don't see are narrow fairways, punishing rough and small protected greens. The result is punishing long rounds and a lot of lost golf balls. I played with a guy two months ago who insisted he play from the tips. He had to quit after 15 holes because he ran out of the two dozen balls he brought with him.
  20. Date 11/10/2022 Course Name Key West Golf Club Gross Score 85 Course Handicap 13 Gross Over/(Under) 15 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 2 Longest Drive 189 With Hurricane Nicole hitting the mainland of Florida, in the Keys we had 20-25 mph winds and occasional bands of brief showers. That didn't stop us from hitting the links! The wind direction was uncharacteristically from the West and made the course play quite differently today. I didn't have my best day: net 2 over. Approaches were unusually short leading to several chips and one putts for bogey. I hit 12 out of 14 narrow fairways in regulation, but only two greens in regulation. With the exception of a natural birdie on the par 3 16, my missed putts were within inches of the pin. 26 putts with eight two putt greens (rest one putts therefore good chipping day). A wind-aided 189 yard drive helped keep my string of "long for me"driving day streak in tacked.
  21. I was a member at a private course in Upstate New York. They were planning a major clubhouse expansion and wanted new members to help finance it. With new members came unintended outcome: longer round times. The average round increased 15-20 minutes. That winter the Board decided that ALL members were required to take a course etiquette class before they would be allowed to play in the Spring. The class included things like how to fix a ball mark, how to enter and rake a trap. Embedded throughout the presentation however were speed of play elements. They included keep up with the group in front of you, where to position your cart when approaching a green (so you can quickly clear it for the next group), somethings as simple as filling in your score at the next tee. With everyone "trained", not surprisingly come Spring the average round times were back to acceptable round times. The problem is more often not knowing what to do and why to do it. In a perfect world golf could be like getting a license to drive a car. Before you can go to the course or buy clubs you need to pass your "learners" permit that allows you to play with a "licensed" group. Only after passing your "driver's" test to demonstrate your skills and knowledge are you are allowed to golf on your own. Taking it one step further, if rangers caught you doing something inappropriate and you were warned, they could pull your golf card. In order to play again, you'd need to pass your "drivers" test again. One can only dream. Until that utopia, I think it's up to friends helping their new golfing friends some basic etiquette and encouraging it be followed.
  22. Very nice looking club. I have a feeling it's a bit beyond my game. Then again at times it's better to look good than to play good!
  23. Great idea and thank to the technical team. Can't wait to give it a try later this week. First part of the week dedicated to serving as an election poll worker and hopefully storm Nicole will stay North. A round or two should fit somewhere in there!
  24. WH, best of luck with your surgery. I had a golfing friend who had both of his hips replaced at the same time. He was up and walking (with a walker) within 24 hours and was back playing golf in 6 or 7 weeks. Personally, I had my left knee replaced five years ago. My knee was bone and bone, misaligned and I was bowlegged. I spent one night in the hospital, had a 4.5-hour car ride home and started my physical therapy the next day. Here's me up and walking less than 16 hours after surgery. Make sure you keep the rubber bottom socks you'll likely get from the hospital. They come in handy when navigating wood or tile floors. Six weeks later, I was playing golf again. Even pushing it hard in my PT, I never felt very much pain. Now, I can hardly tell which knee is real or artificial. I have one somewhat funny personal experience with your beverage of choice: Ensure. About 12 years ago, I was involved in a hit and run accident on a scooter (coming back from golf). I ended up with a broken neck (C5) which required almost three weeks in the hospital and months of physical and occupational therapy. One of my lasting memories was having to drink two large Ensure drinks every meal for almost four months. The surgery to rebuild my neck impacted my ability to swallow, so no solid food! Everything had to be blended, pureed or totally liquid. To ensure I got enough protein, I was required to drink two bottles of Ensure for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It didn't take too long to really not like the taste! To this day, I still can't pass it in the grocery store without a flashback and cringing! If hip incisions are anything like knees, one word of advice for after you get your bandage off. At physical therapy, make sure the therapist does a deep message on your incision at the start or end of your session. I asked mine therapist why he was spending so much time working my incision. He said that if they don't break up the scare tissue under the incision, it won't ultimately lay flat. I noticed others who had knee replacements and many of them have raised scares that almost look like a zipper. Those extra few minutes made a big difference in the way my knee looks and performs today. Best of luck with your surgery! Hang in there. Within a couple of months, you will be swinging a club and wondering why you didn't get this done before!
  25. @Golfspy_TCB, having used the H4 for about four months, my typical golf partners all know I manually mark my putts and pin placements. Now, if I start to walk away or turn my back to the pin without tagging the locations, they will remind me that I forgot. I think of it as a self-help group. Regarding your comment minimizing the importance (in many cases) of number of putts, here are a few numbers I pulled out from the two rounds mentioned above: The lower score required 10% more putts in that round. My higher greens in regulation meant more often than not I was putting from farther distances. That's also shows up in the higher first putt distance and average approach proximity numbers. Hitting more greens in regulation meant less chipping close and one putting (half the number of up and downs with the lower score and almost half the number of one putts). It's funny that numbers alone don't always represent how you feel about a round. Even though I had a higher number of putts with today's 83, I felt I putted better than I did with the 84. My distance control was much better as I putted from longer distances and didn't have any three putts. I also got every reasonable length putt past the hole.
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