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  1. I change wedges out typically every 5-10 years. I am probably in the middle of that range now and am getting new 52 and 58 degree wedges. Two reasons. First, I just purchased Titleist T200 irons which increased the distance I hit the PW and GW, which left too great of a distance gap between GW and SW. Second, I want to get a full face high toe lob wedge (58 degree). I actually got fitted for new wedges last year and was not able to see any increase in spin with new wedges vs my old Cleveland RTX wedges. So, if I did not want the full face high toe lob wedge (58 degree) and had not purchased the new iron set which created an unacceptable gap between GW and SW I would not have needed to get new wedges at all!
  2. I use an evenflow black stiff 65 gram shaft with my new Callaway Epic Speed LS driver and love it. Also have the evenflow blue s 65 gram shaft but flight is higher and the shaft just feels whippier. The black is lower flight and lower spin. I hit my drives a similar distance as you and also have fairly quick tempo. I would not term my swing as short though as I typically end the backswing about parallel to the groung
  3. Greg Plainfield, Illinois ibgolfin88@gmail.com I walk nearly all my golf rounds and use a Motocaddy electric cart that does not have remote control. I like the version I have as I walk the vast majority of rounds and don’t like carrying my bag or pushing a cart as they tweak my back. Would love to test the remote control version to assess the additional benefit of not having to keep adjusting direction, stop/start, and to position properly around greens and tees. I use ,pay current version extensively and could do the Sam’s with the test version and provide a detailed comparative review (if preferred). Could also just evaluate vs carrying bag or using push cart
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