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  1. More length does not always equal more speed. It is not uncommon for some folks to swing a shorter 3w faster than a driver. Those same folks sometimes also hit a 5w farther than a lower lofted 3w. Confused yet?
  2. I played the AMT S300 in the 716AP2's. They might not be the same shaft as today. The short-mid irons were ok, not better than standard s300's. The long irons played softer to me and ballooned with too much spin. I remember being able to back up a 4i on soft greens regularly. Flyers were a regular occurrence. I appreciate the thought of lighter long iron shafts I just couldn't get them to work well in practice.
  3. First MGS post: Not a pro by any means here and its difficult to speak for them unless you here their opinion directly. I play between a 1 and 4 hdcp, currently a 1.7. I have played blades or tiny cb's my whole life. Another poster eluded to the age of current pros and what was available to them growing up. I think there is absolutely something to that statement. I am 35 now and started playing at 9 with a set of cut down northwestern blades and was upgraded to a set of ben hogan blades in my early teen years then to Cleveland ta-3's from 2000 to 2017. I have experimented with v
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