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  1. I am a new golfer (season 2) and got fitted for the Honma TR21X earlier this year. I am surprised they didn't finish higher! I loved the sound and feel of the Honmas and despite them being a little "chunky" just looking at them, behind the ball it looks really sleek. Plus it looks like a larger version of the TM P7MB which I think look amazing! However, I can't deny that the Mizunos rightfully won. I got to try the JPX 921s and loved them but the forgiveness wasn't enough for me but I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to try them. Thank you again to MGS for an another awesome read about shiny metal!
  2. These putters look awesome, I'd love to throw my hat into the testing pool! Andrew R. Fall River, MA I currently use the Odyssey White Hot OG 7 w/ stroke lab I would love to test the 2 wide or 3
  3. It is a grind for sure and I make time where I can! Thank you for the welcome wishes too!
  4. Thanks for the welcome wishes! I have taken lessons before (at GolfTec in RI, and with a local pro) when I started to get back into golf last year and for the most part I have eliminated that push/slice with my lower clubs but at the top of the bag it still happens every once in a while. Thanks for letting me know I will definitely have to put those on my list to play this season!
  5. Hello Everyone! My name is Andrew and I've been a reader of MyGolfSpy since I started getting interested in golf last year so I'm super excited to have finally made a profile and introduce myself. I am also new to the area, I am a second year law student living in Fall River and due to the virus I actually haven't played any of my local courses yet so that will definitely be a goal for the summer. I look forward to participating in the discussions on here and hopefully meeting some of you one day, have a great golf season everyone! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I picked up the game a few years ago while I was still in college, but due to being busy with classes and sports I didn't really have the time to go out and practice or play. Additionally I was having a nasty case of the push with most of my clubs and couldn't break it so anytime I went to practice I didn't leave too happy. That all ended up in me not ever playing on an actual course, my time was always just spend at the driving range. Then Covid happened and I went fully virtual for school and I was dying to get outside and do something, so I picked up golf again in 2020 and committed to not quitting this time no matter how hard it was to get better. I played my first round of golf with my dad (also new to golf) at a local course in PA and we had an amazing time despite losing about a dozen balls each. Since then I have been consistently practicing and getting a lot better (no more push, rarely a slice too) and am super excited to have a full season of golf under my belt in 2021. I am not sure what my current handicap is but whenever I talk with coaches or other players based on my skill and scores the 3 times I've played, it's probably around 20-23. Typical score has been from an 86-96. What do you love about golf? I absolutely love the challenge. I am a very competitive person who played sports all my life but as my athletic ability (yes even at 23) has waned I see golf as a way to stay competitive and play a sport for the rest of my life. Plus I am entering the law field, and from what I know they all play golf so I'd have to learn eventually! I also love just being outside on a beautiful day playing golf with my friends or my family, those are times you truly appreciate. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Being a new golfer I wanted to know all about the latest clubs and gear so naturally I went to google and found that other sources weren't nearly as in depth (or cool) as MyGolfSpy. Now I read the blogs and reviews almost daily to get my fix of golf material. I do not know any other Spies, golf is a new game to me and my family so I don't know many golfers. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am originally from East Lyme CT, but I moved to Collegeville PA for high school and college. Now I am back in New England living in Fall River MA going to law school. As I said before, I actually haven't played any of the courses local to me but I believe the closests one is Allendale CC in North Dartmouth. I have played some local par 3 and chip and putt courses (which are always fun) but I don't have a home course just yet. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? I would say the best things about golf in my region are that New England is beautiful year round so whenever you go out you're bound to have a good view. Definitely the worst thing here is that you can't play year round, there is this thing called winter that comes and lasts forever. What do you do for a living? At the moment, nothing! I am full time law student who is also getting his MBA so I am very busy year round. One day (sooner than it feels) I will be a lawyer and hopefully working with a corporation, law firm, or local government. How’d you pick your user name? Pretty simple choice for me it's just my first initial and last name combined.
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