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  1. Hi everyone, I’m Matthew and I’m new to this forum so I thought I would introduce myself. I’m trying to do some research on the experiences of casual golfers for a project I am working on. Personally, I struggle fitting in rounds of golf because I work 2pm-10pm (Shifts?) and its difficult for me to get out there in the week. I like to think I make up for it on the weekend when I try to get 2 rounds but even that is difficult sometimes. I’m just wondering what other things the casual golfer has problems with like their own space to train and improve, the cost of equipment (training aids) and distractions at the driving range. Below are some of the questions I am trying to answer and I would be grateful for your comments. • Do you like your own space to practice? • Would you like to see statistics such as ball spin rate, carry distance and total distance etc? • Do you find you don’t have the time in the week or do you go after work or just weekends practice/play? Suggested layout below • Do you like to play in all weathers or just when its sunny? When do you practice/play? Weekdays - Weekday Evenings - Just weekends Would access to a golf simulator help to improve your performance?
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