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  1. responding to bolded part - overall weight and swing weight are two different things. Swing weight is balance point based so as long you use the correct grips and tip weights, it definitely possible to get your new irons to match the feel of your old irons.
  2. Since it's usga i wonder how strict they will be to tee times
  3. that's pretty much just over 4.5 hours of daylight. Going to be cutting it real close for last couple groups
  4. obviously as @RickyBobby_PRstated the options are pretty vast but IMO the best place to start is identifying what is your go to shot with your LW and what grind best helps achieve that result and choose an OEM that offers that grind stock and built out from there.
  5. left dash are amazing!!! Played it for a season and as a slower SS player, it was great in pretty much all aspects. Obviously greenside didn't produce as much spin as V1 or V1x but MD callaway grooves helped with that.
  6. heres the link to them on the Lamkin website. They're sold out but might want to give them a call and see when they'll get more in. https://www.lamkingrips.com/shop/callaway-jaws-wedge-grip-utx-no-cord/
  7. I used to work in retail golf as a cashier and later as a club repair. Some days were bad while others great - all depends on the customers and their level of need. Some are okay to shop alone without distraction while others want directly assistance on every detail/info of the product they are looking for. In repairs, everyone wants their stuff done asap but most understand if youre honest up front about turnaround time, they'll wait if it means 100% attention to their clubs. Obviously there are extreme situations that vary from that but this was mostly my days behind the counter. I loved the discount that was offered to us as well as the ability to tinker on my own stuff whenever I wanted.
  8. apex pros with apex long irons. As for the bag, I'm pretty much set on Ping Hoofer Lite unless I can find a deal on a mini staff bag
  9. got a text from my club builder, most of the components for my clubs have arrived. Build to begin this week and hopefully will be able to pick them up by next week sometime. Guess i'll have to decide on a bag before then
  10. i'm local to SD and really hate that fans aren't allow to attend this year. It's always a great tournament to see in person. The golfers are always amazing with fans, especially the younger ones. Already set the DVR so i can watch every round sans interruption.
  11. So i've come to the conclusion that i'm tired of bag swapping every year and looking to switch from my current brand of bags to Ping. I'm loving the bright colors of the craz e lite bags but the material has me questioning the durable of the material to last 2-3 years. Has anyone bought and stayed with this model? Looking for the good or the bad experiences with it.
  12. Ventus Red 5s. Fitter said it was perfect for me due to the flex being a true stiff profile but plenty of launch for me to play a 9* head to keep my launch and spin window ideal.
  13. I could have sworn Callaway said they have a license or pay for the right for that specific color pattern design to be exclusive to their brand?
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