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  1. I'm about to build my first set of clubs ever, and I want to put together a complete set of hybrids/woods to replace my set of irons. I'm going with graphite shafts as well instead of steel. My current set of irons are 1.5" longer than standard, and my Golfworks ruler suggests using an extra .5" shaft when using graphite shafts on irons vs steel shafts. It also recommends using 1.5" longer shaft for graphite shafts on a hybrid over the standard steel shaft length for irons. Should I go with the recommended length of irons using graphite shafts or hybrids and then add the 1.5" after that? Thoughts?
  2. Update. Finished the Aero-Swing 6 week workout -- two cycles because I got injured after the first 2 weeks and had to take a month off from golf, so I started a 2nd cycle after I was healed. I started with a swing speed of about 95.67 mph after a warm-up. That's a 3 swing average after warming up properly. That's a good measure of speed you can get during your golf round, maybe a bit higher than you might actually go for when playing though. When I started playing golf again, I could not get over 100 mph with my driver no matter how hard I tried. After the first 2 weeks, I was able to max out at 112 mph, which is about the best I had ever gotten before back when I was playing often, which was over a dozen years ago. That's when I got hurt. When I healed up, I started all over with another full round. My average was 101.33 mph, which was about 5.67 mph higher than when I first started the process. I ended round 2 at 103 mph average driver speed (3 swing average after a warmup), which only increased my average by about 1.67 mph. So added a total of about 7.34 mph to my average driver speed, or a little over 15 yards in length. Not bad. My Thoughts on the Aero-Swing. I like the Aero-Swing. It's a good workout and it's cheaper than the swing speed training devices.. I got to where I knew what my top driver speed would be just by how fast I could swing the Aero-Swing with two of the devices on the driver. For me, it was 20 mph more with my driver than what I could do with the two Aero-Swing devices on the driver, making it unnecessary for me to swing the driver during workouts. I would recommend this device to anyone who has an old driver they don't use as it's a pain to take things off the club once you have them attached. You can also hit balls with the device on, though wasn't something I tried or desired to do. I just got a new device called the Albatross that I'll start a new training cycle with, also incorporating a full body workouts as I'm looking to get fitter as well. We'll see how it compares. I like that device alone device that easily fits in my golf bag and it has multiple weights that screw on instead of 3 different clubs like its competitors. I'd like to get my average driver speed over 110 mph if possible, hopefully by the end of summer. I think getting stronger in your entire body will amplify the results.
  3. Here's a calculator I found online that estimates your carry distance from your club head speed for driver. I plugged my 237 carry per the launch data provided for my average driver and it equaled 97.5 mph. That jives with my stated starting point of 100 mph. You can probably even find a calculator for my 7 iron which I have documented within the last 2 months to driver conversion to find out what my driver club head speed would be. And I bet it would be about 100 mph, plus or minus 4 mph. I'm betting it was actually in the mid 90's as 100 mph was my highest I recorded on my swing speed meter, not an average. I had a hard time getting triple digits with my swing meter and usually was mid 90's, so I'm being conservative with my estimation of an 11 mph gain so far.
  4. I bring receipts! Below is a snipping from a fitting I did at PGA Superstore back on January 27th and below that is a snippet of my 7 iron I did at PGA Superstore about 2 weeks ago. Carry is about the same but my ball speed has increases. In truth, I was swinging all out with my current clubs to reach the same carry distance I had with the Mizuno's at the fitting. My current clubs are 1.5" over standard length (was supposed to be only 1" over) and have swing-weights in the D8-D10 range. They feel like I'm swinging sludge hammers. My next set is going to be light I assure you. I have come to hate heavy clubs. Here is my Driver data from 2 weeks ago when I did the gapping session. Here's my swing speed radar from last night recording my highest swing with my driver which I got on my 3rd set. Typically the fastest speed comes on the 2nd for me. I'll post my pictures from my swing radar with the speeds with the two aero-swings on later. I have a tee time soon. I think I got it to 85 or 86 mph. This will be the before data from the before and after test I'm doing with this device.
  5. It's not permanent speed increase, as if the next time I step in the tee box, I'l swing 111 mph. It's probably about 3 mph on average. But I swung a few times just warming up for my tee time later this afternoon and I only got to 104 mph. I didn't go through the whole workout -- you usually get your highest speeds the 2nd set or possibly the third. I usually get mine the 2nd set. The only anecdotal story I have is that I went to the PGA superstore a few days ago with my friend to finish gapping my clubs and I picked up about 8 yards of carry on my 7 iron when I swung it and I got my ball speed over 150 mph on his driver I swung 3 times and I was consistently in the 140's mph ballspeed with my driver. Unfortunately, we only worked with wedges and shorter distances because he has tennis elbow, so I didn't do any serious testing. I'll test at PGA Superstore maybe this weekend and take pics of the stats from their launch monitor. I saved the pics from when I did the gapping session about 2 weeks ago, so it should be a good experiment. Then at the end of the 6 week workout protocol, do another one. Maybe I'll post those pics of my various clubs today so we have it as my baseline.
  6. I recently bought an Aero-Swing speed trainer after wanting to get my swing speed back up to where it was before I quit playing golf about 12 years ago. I considered those 3 Speed Stick devices and the Orange Whip thing as well as others, but this was cheap and it had some endorsements from some long drive competitors, so I bought it. After buying it, I went to their site for any training advice I could find, and downloaded their excel file with their recommended workout. It recommends a workout based on your driving distance/club head speed. *the only spreadsheet that was downloadable for me in excel format was for the workout for the slowest swing speed, which irritated me to no end. That kind of lack of attention to details always makes me think the product is just as shoddy. Anyway, the website suggested I need 2 of these Aero-swings (they look like round plastic cheese graters), so I reluctantly bought another. I did one workout before the 2nd one arrived and really liked it, which is way I ponied up for a 2nd one. What won me over about this device is that it's heavy enough that it forces you to be efficient with your swing path, which helps me groove a better swing. And it wasn't so heavy that I didn't wrench my back like I have in the past swinging a weighted club. I've now done about about 5 or 6 workouts now with the Aero-swing (using both of them on my driver) and have picked up 11 mph of swing speed. That is more than I expected I would have gotten, or at least that it would have taken me a year or so to get to, not something I would get to in just a week. I started at 100 mph with my driver (a TM clone with a shaft cut 1 inch shorter than standard) and hit 111 mph today. I've gotten the club with both Aero-swing devices on up to 86 mph, which I would have said was impossible when I first started swinging it. I didn't think getting over 80 mph was going to be possible with those things on. At 111 mph, I'm now at the maximum speed I had when I was playing golf regularly about 12 years ago, so I'm pretty happy. My goal is to get to over 120 mph. My goal is to get there within 6 months. Some Pro's and Con's about the training aid. Pro's: 1) It's cheap. I didn't want to spend $200 on what looked like weighted golf club shafts with a grip. At under $40, I wasn't worried about blowing my money if this, like most golf aids I've ever bought, turned out to be worthless. Had I known I'd need 2 probably would have changed the calculus, though. Good thing I didn't find that out until after I had one and liked it already. 2) You can hit balls with it. Normally I like training aids I can hit balls with, but to be honest, I haven't done that with this aid yet. I haven't had much of a chance to do that, nor have I seen the point. Hitting balls with an 80 mph swing speed won't teach me anything. So maybe this is a Pro for some people and not one for others. I'll probably end up hitting balls with it at some point, but not in any rush at this point. 3) Easy to install. Just slip it on using the plastic piece, the rubber bushing, and zip tie and you're ready to swing. I keep mine permanently on a driver, but you can also take them off fairly quickly if you like. 4) Resistance in the right place. I think this is one of, if not the strongest, Pro of this aid. You get the most resistance as the club comes into the hitting area but lightens up after the release, so it doesn't jerk you around violently as you try to stop the club. That's my concern with trying to swing heavy objects. I don't want to wrench my back swinging a heavy weighted club like that Momentus I had back in the day. Pulled muscles aren't fun. Now for the Con's. 1) Website support. You can't download the different workout protocols for different speeds in an editable Excel file, only the one for the slowest speeds. The rest saved as PDF's and not spreadsheets. It was a pain in the ass to manually change the workouts by hand in excel so you have the correct one. There's 4 different workouts I think. Such an easy fix too. I hope the company fixes this nonsense. 2) Two Aero-swings don't fit on a single driver shaft properly. I had to get my dremel tool out and alter the plastic piece that fits over the training aid to make it fit properly. My driver shaft was too thick at that point for what they had designed. If they are going to recommend 2 of these devices, they should provide a second plastic piece with a bigger center hole so it accommodates a wider shaft. You shouldn't have to alter the damn piece yourself. Again, this is an easy fix. Lack of attention to detail like this is so irritating. It can ruin an otherwise great product. 3) The workout protocol itself. The workout is basically this: swing the heavy club first, then lighter club (regular driver), ending with lightest (driver held upside down so you're just swinging the shaft.) Pretty simple and effective. However, swinging my driver upside own was uncomfortable and downright painful if it turned in my fingers at high speeds. You're probably better off swinging just a shaft or alignment stick if you have one. I gave up on even doing this part after 2 workouts since I couldn't find the right way to hold it consistently, and I can't say I've missed it at all. Just swinging the heavy and regular club got me the most gains, but maybe there's benefit to swinging the light object. If I get an alignment stick or empty shaft, I may add it back to the workout, but for now I'll dump this portion of the protocol. 4) Takes up a club if you keep it attached like I do. Since I'm too lazy to take it apart after use, I keep it on a spare driver permanently. If you don't have a spare driver, taking both devices off and putting them back on multiple times during a workout can be cumbersome and time consuming, especially if you use 2 like I do. It's also bulky if you carry that club in your bag. But if you have spare drivers and don't carry the one with the Aero-swing devices attached in your bag, there's nothing to complain about here. I'd love to see a test from mygolfspy for these types of training aids since to see which one delivers the best results. So far I highly recommend this aid as it's gotten me 11 mph of club-head speed according to my PRGR swing speed radar in the short time I've used it. I'll update this at the end of 6 weeks when my training protocol ends.
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