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  1. whats wrong with a 9-3 swing? why the focus on a full swing? learn to golf within the 9-3 and develop your game from there. Many professional golfers have an abbreviated swing. I also struggled for years until a young teacher told me to use my arms more and it helped immensely. Having been to many pros all trying to teach a draw swing to one who just uncomplicated things and wow what a difference. I now focus on an abbreviated swing, its repeatable and accurate. good luck
  2. well took out the G400 as decided to play it until it broke and shot a 77, missed 2 fairways the entire round and am now looking for a cheap G400 minus cracked hosel!! I also think living on the other side of the world had something to do with Pings decision. I don't think they sell an awful lot of product in NZ
  3. haha maybe but i appreciate customer service especially when you are buying a premium product. the fact is that their product is faulty pure and simple. they state they stand behind their products clearly they do not. customer support should be for everyone not the ones that suck up to you and kiss your ass. Voicing disappointment in a product and service should not be a reason to dismiss a customer. consumers talk and word of mouth about poor back up can't save a good product. Its a shame as i said i really liked the G400.
  4. yet they wouldn't even consider anything for a later club, disappointing but not surprised, i've never been known for my subtle negotiation skills
  5. well Ping got back to me saying that their warranty is 3 years but mine was just outside of this so sorry nothing they can do, I find it strange that their warranty starts from date of manufacture and not purchase date? I replied to them that they did not take into account that the whole world was in lockdown for a year. Anyway have to take it on the chin and move on to anything other than Ping when another one will do the same job minus a meter or two max. my game isn't good enough to really make any difference with that loss if any. Its a shame as i was actually fitted for a Callaway Epic and G400 on the same day, got the epic but returned it the next day as didn't like the feel on the course but really liked the G400.
  6. well when companies say they stand behind the quality of their products they should do so, otherwise its cross their fingers and hope you reach the two year mark! Really im just pissed it cracked
  7. spoke to the seller today and they stated categorically that Ping has a 2 year warranty, no more, no less. Seems very short for a premium product designed to hit something over and over again. still waiting for a reply from Ping but don't fancy my chances and will cement my next purchase decision for sure, attached is a pic of the crack
  8. sent an email to Ping explaining the situation and expressing my frustration that I had been declined a replacement by the local distributer and how this would affect my purchasing in the future and that it would also lead me to sharing my experience with every member of my club that would listen. Its been 4 days now and no response whatsoever from Ping other than the initially thanks for your email we'll get back to you auto response. Seems they aren't that worried about negative customer experiences outside of the US. As it stands i will never buy another Ping product
  9. Hi, i bought a G400 driver brand new about 3-4 years ago and yesterday noticed a crack on the hosel neat where the shaft goes in, there is absolutely no other damage on the head or shaft. I took it to the retailer i bought it from and they said they have seen the same and would try and get a replacement. They came back today saying PING has declined to replace it due to length of time owned. I feel this is really poor given there is no other damage and an expensive club should last way more than 4 years.e Anyone else had issues with cracks on heads? suggestions on what to do next other than never buy PING again?
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