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  1. I think that's the thing that really gets me. I've had a lot of golf clubs in my time - just off the rack - and I haven't had any that just rattle or come apart. Could I just be lucky - maybe - but I mentioned my club guy before and I've NEVER had something like that happen from him. I keep hearing stories from people who have gone to CC having this exact same problem time and time again. Being big means they can do fittings well, but I have to wonder about their build processes and how fast they're moving.
  2. I've been searching for an answer to this same question for years and there is a lot of good information here. I know guys that work there and I trust them. They're the only people that I will let fit me, but I will not buy from CC due to the cost. 1. Process - The process is great. Even for an indoor fitting, they have enough product that it's not just about what is available stock. 2. Price - This is where I start to cringe. The up-charges on everything are insane. For a stock setup (what I ended up fitting into) I was paying over $1000 more just for the product, then there was a
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