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  1. I misspoke (if it matters) and I actually mean my "differential". My home course is rather low rated (fairly short) and is rated like 67.0/113 for a par 70 so even if I "shoot my handicap" at 76 (+6 on the par 70) my differential is going to be like 9.0, if that makes sense. So in order to shoot my differential, I have to shoot 72 or better on the par 70 which hasn't happened in (check calendar).....quite some time
  2. I'm just giving everyone a hard time. I am actually getting exposed as a potential vanity handicapper since I have only beaten my HDCP once in my last 20 rounds. Not great!
  3. Hahaha, I was going to post this as well! Very good @cnosil. I think the picture is valuable for those that don't click through links...
  4. Okay, I have a new one, #7 at Grande Dunes Resort Club (Myrtle Beach), a 478 yd par 5 that has...ahem...some water lurking: The first body of water (left) stops at 233 yds off the tee. The second body of water (right) starts at 257 yds and extends to 330 yds. The landing zone from 175-190 off the tee is 80 yds. If you try to carry the first body of water, you have 60 yds to land it in but very much OB either left or right. I think this is a difficult, 3 shot hole. It seems to me the only safe option is to hit 5 iron off the tee between the water left and bunker right, then another 5 iron and finally a GW into the green. Doesn't seem very fun but interested if anyone thinks it is a no brainer to hit driver on this hole>
  5. I have been surprised that the 348 fits me better. I have always thought I should play the softest ball I could handle and the compression of both the Pro V1 and Pro V1x always scared me away. In practice they don't feel harsh or un-compressable. Based on trackman numbers, the 348 is the best for me and that is what I have been playing. I had the same 348 for about 62 holes and then I lost it in some leaves. Then I lost another 2 348s in the same round which was upsetting. I think the next step for me is to do what @PeterHenric suggested and get on a Trackman with 2022 Pro V1 x vs 2023 Proto 348 to see if I can parse out any difference.
  6. I have learned to say nothing is safe but in order of favorite to least favorite: Irons: PTxPros - I love these. The only thing is I have a large chip on the bottom of my 6iron (looking desperately for a replacement without having to get a whole new set) Hybrid: Callaway Rogue ST Max - also love this thing. The only thing would be I may get a regular shaft for it since I am currently deep in the Otto-phlex world Driver: Cobra Radspeed Xb - love the head, the shaft is very much in flux. I have 4 shafts right now (thanks Otto-Phlex) and may add a 5th via a regular Grafalloy Pro Launch. Wedges: They work and seem fine. I do like the idea of a hi-toe or full face lob wedge but not enough to replace my Ping Glide (yet) Putter: I like my Lab DF 2.1 but once I saw the Link.1 come out, I knew the DF 2.1's days were numbered. If the Link.1 regular run is less than $450 I am buying it. So I would say this is on the hot seat. That's it. I only carry 12 clubs so any change is large. Really feels like I could go all of next year with this bag and be fine (once I find a shaft combo I like in the Driver and Hybrid).
  7. We are now going in Spring 2023, this year doing North Myrtle which I am not very familiar with. The current (very tentative) course roster is: Barefoot Resort (Dye) Pine Lakes Resort Club @ Grande Dunes MB National Kings North I don't know much about any of these places but one thing I would like (but probably can't find much of) is some "width" off the tee. That is going to be a relative term since this is Myrtle Beach rather than Tennessee so real estate is going to be a bit more constrained but are there any courses in North Myrtle that are "friendly" off the tee. That meaning 50 yd wide (or more) fairways rather than the 30 yd wide fairways with OB on both sides like I see in Florida all the time?
  8. VERY cart path aided. Probably carried 250. A significant outlier on the day…
  9. Ok so first 18 holes was not terrible but not an improvement over current setup. Hit almost every tee shot high and right. Just didn’t feel like I could turn the ball over at all which is odd because the helium shaft in senior flex felt easy to turn over. Maybe it was just a bad day swinging but I wasn’t losing my irons or anything else right. Will have to take it to the range and see what we can figure out.
  10. Date 11/26/2022 Course Name McCabe Middle/North Gross Score 74 Course Handicap 2 Gross Strokes over/under par 4 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 72 Net Birdies or better 4 Longest Drive 306 First round with otto-phlex, a lot of drives high and right but ham n’ egged it around the greens to salvage a score.
  11. Date 11/25/2022 Course Name Twelve Stones Golf Course Gross Score 81 Course Handicap 4 Gross Strokes over/under par 9 Net Score to Par 5 Net Score 77 Net Birdies or better 3 Longest Drive 311 Not a ton to say, lost 3 balls. Great weather! Haha. Still fun but man it was a struggle out there at a very tricked up course.
  12. In my opinion that is waaaay too long of distances for most people. I hit the ball between 250-275 and there is no chance I play from 6600+ and have fun.
  13. @in3948 Yep, I have always wondered about that myself. Driver swing speed is 104-106 mph. My irons are traditionally lofted and steel shafted so my 5 iron is 26* but my 7 iron carry (34* 7 iron) is about 160 which has always felt a bit short compared to my peers (though some of them have 7 irons that are 31* of loft which explains the difference) but I do still have about a 10 yd incremental increase from 7 iron to 6 iron to 5 iron. In general yes, which makes golf infinitely more enjoyable for me. The last 9 holes I played out there I had approach distances in regulation of: 81 yds (par 4) - SW 82 yds (par 5) - SW 150 yds (par 3) - 8i 64 yds (par 4) - SW 122 yds (par 4) - PW 165 yds (par 3) - 6i 58 yds (par 4) - SW 59 yds (par 4) - SW 170 yds (par 4) - 6i So avg approach left on par 4s of 92 yds (which is a soft GW for me). Guess what? I still shot 3 over, haha. I have never subscribed to the notion that I need to "hit all the clubs in my bag". Golf is hard as hell even if you have a wedge into most greens.
  14. While I wait for my Prolaunch shaft to arrive, I feel like the next test (for me) is to do battle between a stiff -- regular -- senior flex 5 wood or 7 wood. I have historically struggled with fairway woods and I wonder now if it is down to flex. I already know the outcome with the stiff flex so it will just be used to get baseline numbers and count the amount of low, weak right shots that I get from them (note: A LOT). I have always been intrigued by 7 woods but I have found that stiff flex 7 woods were previously hard to find. Well, not regular or senior flex 7 woods! And I think that is what I actually probably need to get a better release, launch etc. Same with utility irons. And then I will have to start messing with different flexes of irons. All winter long maybe? I should just go ahead and buy the 10 pack of simulator visits to Golf Galaxy.
  15. This is a topic I feel passionately about. I was listening the to the "No Putts Given" podcast with Lou Stagner (data analyst at Arccos among other titles) and at the 31:00 mark he mentions a very simple formula for what courses to play: Your 5 iron carry * 33 or 34 is the total course distance. I love this idea. Mostly because I bet many people (mainly men) are playing courses longer than that. For me, I carry a 5 iron about 180 yds. So that is 180 * 33 = 5940 yds. I carry a driver 260 yds. I have no problem playing sub 6,000 yds. It is more fun and, guess what, I still don't shoot below par very often. I would say if the majority of your golfing group is breaking 80 from the whites then they should stay there. If not, what are they afraid of? They might make more birdies? They might have more fun? The average second shot distance for a middle of the pack PGA tour player (distance-wise) is 140 yds on a par 4. That's probably a PW or soft 9 iron. If that is how we challenge a TOUR PRO then why should weekly golfers be subjecting themselves to stiffer test than that? Pride?
  16. I think the only senior flex option is in the 44g which looks like it W1, but if I stepped up to the regular shaft at 64g then it would be W2: Another interesting piece is how much the torque changes from the 44g to the 64g shaft even in the same relative "flex" as the Regular in 44g has 5.0* of torque vs 3.2* of torque.
  17. This thread is either informing or poisoning my brain. Like others have stated above it has me looking at my whole bag differently now. I have a 5 wood with a warped shaft that I just KNOW is going to get a senior flex put into it. So then when does that trickle down into the irons? Oh lord.... Also, just to be sure, GPLB shaft is "butt trim only" correct? So if I was putting it into a 5 wood we would just install it and then butt trim until it got to a playing length of 42"?
  18. I watched the TXG video about Ballnamic and it seemed interesting: https://youtu.be/DPBGw48pZQ One random takeaway I had from it was that I didn't know the Wilson Triad ball was an anti offline ball. Ballnamic seemed to confirm that the ball did not, in fact, veer offline as much as other balls which is interesting. It made me curious, if it had decent spin retention and ball speed, if I should be playing that ball. I guess one way to test it would be to TRY to hit slices and hooks with it on a monitor (or in real life) and then compare it to your gamer but I am not as consistent as Matt Blois (from TXG) and certainly not as consistent as a robot. Anyway, hadn't heard much about the Triad prior to this.
  19. I mean, I will buy golf clubs. I have a problem and threads like these show me I am not alone
  20. I listened to it and loved it. Lou was great. I think I listened to the same part at 31:00, at least 3 or 4 times to make sure I heard it right, where he talks about the distance people should be playing. When he said "5 iron carry * 33" I was nodding my head FURIOUSLY. For me, that is (180 * 33 = 5,940 yds) which is pretty close to what I play. I VERY OFTEN play with people who probably carry a 5 iron 160 yds and play from 6,400. Seems like that would not be very much fun. This is a soapbox rant for me, most everyone I play with (not necessarily Mygolfspy people) plays courses WAY too long. I cannot stress that enough.
  21. Now, I am not a trackman expert so most of what I say here relates to feel. I "feel" like I can swing the A flex effortlessly fast. And it didn't seem to get completely out of control for me. I wasn't losing it crazy left and I wasn't all over the club face. It was the first time I can remember swinging a club over 44" and feeling like I had some control over it. I deleted shots that felt bad (toe and heel shots) but I wasn't looking at impact location as a guide, again it was feel. I have to say I deleted a decent number of drives from my "standard" setup so that should count for something. When I started hitting 111 mph, it did not feel hard or crazy fast, just well sequenced. To me, what I determined is that the A flex shaft is definitely do-able. It doesn't do anything negative to my swing or sequencing and I feel like my potential speed is much higher with less effort. Again, I was swinging hard-ish with the turned down A flex vs hard as I could with Standard Stiff setup and the highest clubhead speed I hit with the standard setup was 109.4 and my A flex setup was 111.4. I think there is a lot of potential in the turned down loft version since I was still launching the 9.5* at 17.7 (which is actually higher than my Standard setup at 10.5) but spin was less and carry. Hard to compare across all the combos since my average speed ranged from 104.8 to 108.9. The one thing that has me scratching my head a bit is the UST A flex with the 12g head weight. I guess it is just more force coming into the ball. Launched it too high (maybe? I don't know) and spun it like crazy on fast swings so that cannot be good. Anyone have any thoughts? I am sold on the A flex shaft but just maybe not on the UST Helium (maybe too much torque?). Here are the specs on the helium I was hitting: EDIT: Well you only live once (YOLO), I am ordering the grafalloy A flex pro launch blue. I am joining the resistance. We can dial in the swingweight from there. $90 to find out if I can routinely hit 110 mph Club head speed on the course.
  22. Forewarning, I have trackman numbers and I am NOT afraid to use them. I am tempted to do a "guess which is which" but I am too impatient for that. I will update this post with the numbers shortly. I will say my feelings in another post, this is just numbers and some context of where we were in the session when I hit each combo. I highlighted the top avg and medians for Club Speed, Ball Speed, Carry and Total: Baseline Driver Setup - Cobra Radspeed XB @ 10.5* with 12g weight in back in a 72 gram 44" stiff shaft (full disclosure I hit this later in the testing and was trying to mash it because I wanted to see what the top end of it looks like): Now, we will go in the order that these were hit. I started the session (very little warmup) with what I assumed would be the closest to recommend setup. Also hit the most shots with this because it was fun and wanted to see the difference between STEPPING ON IT and swinging normal -- Cobra 10.5* with UST Helium Senior Flex 45.5" shaft with NO WEIGHT IN CLUB HEAD (removed 12g weight entirely): Next up was the Cobra @10.5* in the A flex with a 6g weight in the head: Next is the Cobra @ 10.5* with the 12g weight in the head, by now I was pretty loose and you can tell by these clubhead speeds. I have never touched 110+ before and I did several times here without losing (much) control: Finally, as recommend by @azstu324, I turned the cobra down to 9.5* with the A flex with NO WEIGHT IN THE CLUBHEAD:
  23. Nine swings in and we just hit a PB club head speed and I’m not even trying, UST Helium 4F2. Oh yeah and results arent bad!
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