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  1. There are very few dealers which actively carry the putters. Miura does not even market the putters themselves... nowhere on their international site is there even a spot to view the putters. dealers are left to do this advertising themselves. my 1,600$ price reference was in regards to the more desirable models as well.
  2. Can’t knock it if you haven’t tried them.. just like you can’t dismiss a rolls if you haven’t driven one. Miura irons have the best playability out of all the 30 sets I’ve had. If you’re a good ball striker, the turf interaction is second to none. I’m not comparing domestic brand either because they all can’t hold a candle light to the eastern companies. Miura beats out fujimoto, epon, kyoei, mizuno, etc... I play the km-008 and switched from a toulon odyssey. Scotty didn’t compare from a blade putter stand point. Everything is subjective though, some may disagree.
  3. These sold? I know it was a while back, but I think they could top the Miuraism sb-02 as most beautiful looking clubs imo... lmk if you still have:)
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