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  1. I switched from the standard Wilson D7 cast irons. I liked the standard D7s. But I really liked the looks of the D7 forged and thought I would try them. VERY happy with the forged version. Maybe not quite as long but a lot more consistent.
  2. Hi folks....new member to your forum. I have really enjoyed reading all your comments about the Wilson D7 Forged irons. I have owned a set of the D7 forged and I really like them. I am a slow-swinging senior and I initially thought the D7 forged would be a bit "stout" for me as a mid-capper. But I like them better than any other iron set I have ever owned. I'm a Wilson homer when it comes to their irons but have never really been that excited about their woods. The Wilson D7F's seem to be very consistent for me. Average distance for me and they launch high and feel so good on flush
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