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  1. I did a full bag fitting. Basically I was hoping to hit what was an option from a specific club manufacturer whether it be the actual stock or an available upgrade. With the number of upgrades offered directly from manufacturers these days I was hoping there was a place to try them out, similar to what you mentioned regarding your irons. The intention of my comment wasn't to deter anyone from using CC, but rather to inform so others know what they are getting into and ask the right questions prior to going. I did end up buying a putter from CC, and bought a driver and 3 wood elsewhere tha
  2. I specifically asked if they had the stock shafts or any offered by the manufacturer and was told no because they were inferior. It's good to know that there are others that do offer them. We have another one and a True Spec within two hours, maybe I'll try one of those.
  3. It sounds like what is offered depends on the location. My fitting experience was fine, but the local Club Champion does not offer stock shafts so it was somewhat of a waste since the shafts they offered were more than the clubs themselves. If they had the stock or factory optional upgraded shafts available I would consider going back.
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