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  1. Going down to work on fairway woods off the deck and then putting.
  2. Danny Maude. I like his instructional videos.
  3. I rotate gloves. When they get dirty, shining and slippery I discard them because my hands start slippy on the grip. I also clean my grips using club grip wipes which make the gloves last longer. I like Titleist Perma Soft gloves.
  4. I will play my ball multiple rounds. Most likely 3-4 rounds.
  5. I normally use mid-size Golf Pride CP2 wrap grips. I live in PA and we golf in the winter. I have mild arthritis. I used the Jumbo CP2 wrap on my driver and 3 wood in cold weather which helps me with mild hand joint pain. When it warms up, I take them off. I have good dispersion with the jumbo grips. I am a little wristy with my hands and prefer the mid-size which is why I go back to them when its warmer.
  6. Bassbeamer

    Maxfli Tour

    I bought the Maxfli Tour cube. I have not hit them yet. I have been playing either Callaway Soft Chrome and Srixon Q Tour. Looking forward to see how these balls play. Update: The Maxfli TourX is a very good ball. I have used for three months and I like them. Was using Srixon QStarTour and they are very comparable. Soft ball holds the greens yet can be driven far.
  7. Great old ads. Thanks for the article. I hate to admit it but I swallowed a lot of this marketing malarky over the years trying to purchase that extra distance. Now I am a senior looking for a combination of distance with good dispersion. I at the age where I will not gaining more distance. I grown comfortable with 225 in the fairway. In my younger days it was 250+ in the woods oob. We do get a little wiser as we grow older.
  8. In my bag: Ping Driver, 5,7,9 woods Ping g425 6,7,8,9,PW irons Callaway 50, 56, 60 wedges Mizuno M Craft III putter
  9. I did purchase a monitor. Use it outside at home hitting into a net. I on my 7,8,and nine irons to know my distances. I agree on comments about going to the range. I go to review and hone in on my swing to-get the correct direction.
  10. I am a Golf Pride CP2 midsize wrap. Touch of arthritis in the hands. I no longer can use standard grips. These work for me.
  11. I have a 60/12 Callaway PM Grind in my bag. I use it in deeper sand traps and those tricky shots over a sand trap onto the green. The higher toe wedge took me a bit to get use to but I love the club.
  12. I ordered g425 graphite irons 4-pitching wedge with CP2 wrap grips. Took 9 weeks. I now have the gap wedge on order to match the set. It has been 8 weeks. Expected shipping date 10-20. Needless to say I was not happy with the length of time but I knew it was longer than normal going in. I was thinking 6 weeks but that was a pipe dream. I like the clubs and the UST Recoil ES smac wrap 780/ F3 shafts.
  13. My bag: Sun Mountain Sync Bag Ping Driver g410 10.5 Alta CB R Ping FW g425 max 3,5,7,9 Alta CB R Ping g425 5-PW, GW UST Mamiya SmacWrap Recoil 780/F3 Callaway PM Grind 56, 60 Mizuno M-Craft III with 8 oz weights Ball: Srixon QStar Tour Glove: Titleist Fireball for birdies
  14. I agree with your post. Ping g425 fairway woods are great. I have the 3,5,7,9 in my bag. The 7 and 9 woods are easy to hit off the deck. I have trouble with hybrids so I use the 7 and 9 fairway woods. The head sizes agree with me and I am successful making good shots with them. I highly recommend trying these fairway woods.
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