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  1. I was playing around stamping and filling some old wedges I had. They were Cleveland and Titleist Black, using traditional acetone removed the fill and did not affect the black finish at all. Good Luck!
  2. My wife was fitted by Ping in July, G425 woods and Irons. The woods dribbled in about 6-8 weeks. We are still waiting on the irons and are being told November. At that point it won’t matter for us as our season will be over here in Ontario. As long as the are here by April we will be ok. We haven’t paid for them yet either. I personally waited over 13 weeks for TSi D,3w & 3h early in the season. Every industry is affected unfortunately. As frustrating as it is, there is nothing we can do but be patient and wait it out.
  3. I want to try stamping and painting some old wedges, does anyone have any recommendations on which stamps to buy? there seems to be a ton of options available online. I am also looking for symbols, not just letters and numbers.
  4. Great topic, something I joke about with buddies on the course to be honest and one of the reasons I currently play a Titleist ball. For me, I stay away from Callaway strictly due to aesthetics. Whenever my buddies find a Callaway in the bush (regardless of model) they toss it over to me and yell "here's your favourite ball'! I have tried the Chrome Soft balls and like the feel I just can't get used to the look. I also struggle to look at Vice and Kirkland from a more budget friendly option. If Titleist ever got way away from making the AVX, I would consider the ProV or TP5 (although the Callaway feels better for me). Both brands make a ball that suits my eye and I like the feel however I haven't found another ball that performs and feels for me like the AVX. Your Not Alone
  5. Visited my local fitting centre (Whistle Bear Academy) last week and came out with some amazing results with my Driver, 3w and Hybrid. After getting warmed up I got to start hitting some of my own M2 to get a baseline, swing speed was a little higher than I though at 109mph ( i thought I was around 105) and my ball spin rates were very high as expected around 3500-4000rpm. This was the main reason I was getting properly fitted. I felt like Bryson in there just ripping at Drivers for an hour, It was fun and the guys at Whistle Bear were amazing. I went in with a complete open mind and willing to try anything to give me a better result, not just what ad on tv I liked best. I tried Taylormade, Callaway, Titleist and Cobra. The Sim2 looks cool, the results said it wasn't for me, same with Epic and Radspeed, as we were getting dialled in it was apparent Titleist for me was going to be what I ended up with. We tried multiple shaft options X-stiff and Stiff, the X-stiff felt like hitting a 2x4 for me. Although the TSi line was helping, the fitter suggested I move the ball 1" back in my stance, immediately started seeing results 25+ yards improvement on the Trackman with a fitted driver and moving the ball back slightly. The final fitting was: TSi4 10° w/ Stiff Tensei White TSi3 3w 15° w/ Stiff Tensei White TSi2 hybrid 19° w/ Stiff Tensei White I have put the clubs on order with my home club, now the waiting begins. Was hoping to have them in my bag prior to our local mid-am qualifier but it's not sounding promising. Will update my WITB as soon as they arrive.
  6. Awesome!!! I have a fitting set up at Whistle Bear in a couple weeks, Can't wait!
  7. Nice sticks! Golf Town on Fairway Rd saw you coming a mile away!! lol Did you get fitted somewhere or they "off the rack"?
  8. Interesting... didn't think of that set up. I am getting fitted for all woods (including Hybird), I feel like getting properly fitted with a 3 wood will help with my miss. I would like to have that extra length available when needed however I lower lofted Hybrid and 5 wood would be an interesting combo for sure! Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. Absolutely! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  10. Just joined MGS and wanted to share what is currently in my bag with the community. I have always had my irons properly fitted right at Ping Canada head office and they are great. I have never been properly fitted for woods or wedges however. After hitting into a simulator for the last few months, I am quickly realizing that I am getting way to much back spin on my driver and very low launch angle (3500-4000rpm, 9-10° launch angle). Really looking forward to see what improvements can be made with a proper fitting that I have booked for both woods and wedges at a local fitting facility I show my 3 wood in the picture however I don't currently carry it in the bag as my miss was getting me in more trouble than it was worth at my previous club (transitioning to new club this season). Intrigued to see what I can possibly do with a 5-wood at my fitting.
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