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  1. Hey y'all, new member here. Looking forward to getting a great season started up here in Canada and I thought I'd share my WITB for this season. Driver: Titleist 917 D2. Loft: 8.5, cranked down to 7.75 (D1 setting) - Lie: Stock - Shaft: Aldila Rogue MAX 65 - X Grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord This driver is getting a bit old, but I can't seem to justify taking it out of my bag yet. I love the classic shape and the grey head, and the technology is more than adequate. It offers plenty of forgiveness, but more importantly, I can control my ball flight with relative ease. My home course is links style and sometimes I face extremely high winds. Being able to hit flighted shots is critical. Call me old-fashioned, but there's something about the titanium Titleist heads that just can't be replicated with any of the carbon fiber offerings from competitors like Taylormade or Callaway. 3W: Titleist TS3 - Loft: 15 - Lie: Stock - Shaft: HZRDUS SMOKE Black 70 - 6.0 Grip: Golf Pride Z-Grip Cord The 3W is always a tough one. I was previously gaming the Taylormade M4 which was phenomenal off the tee, but just too hot to hit into greens. Enter the TS3. The theme throughout my bag is control, and with this setup I feel much more confident adjusting the trajectory. I can still hit those low bullets off the tee with this club, but I now have the option to hit a higher shot that lands softly, which is great for coming into the green on par 5s. Again I think it's the titanium head that does it for me. It's a bit heavier than the M4 and I like that for hitting shots out of the first cut. 3i-5i: Miura TC-201 - Lofts: 21, 23, 26 - Lie: Stock - Shaft: KBS TOUR $-Taper 130-X Grip: Lamkin UTX Cord (1 wrap) 6i-PW: Miura MB-101 - Lofts: 30, 34, 38, 42, 47 Lie: Stock - Shaft: KBS TOUR $-Taper 130-X Grip: Lamkin UTX Cord (1 wrap) We have arrived at what can only be described as the crown jewels of my bag, this gorgeous split set of Miura TC-201 and MB-101 irons. I put these in the bag at the end of last season so I have been waiting patiently all winter to start hitting them. Now that the season is getting underway here I have taken them to the driving range 15-20 times. I'd be happy to be a full review if people are interested, once I've had them in the bag for a bit longer. The cavity backs are, in a word, long. Staggeringly long. I have hit my 4-iron 245 in the air on-course. The sole grind includes a beautiful pre-worn leading edge. The blades are.... something else entirely. Hard to describe how it feels to hit one of these on the sweet spot. The word I seem to keep going back to is "dense." Wedges: 52: Titleist Vokey SM8 - 08F 56: Titleist Vokey SM7 - 08M 60: Titleist Vokey SM6 - 12K Nothing too exciting going on here. Grips are all stock Tour Velvet. Lie angle is once again stock. Around the green, I use the 56 for almost all shots. The black finish has worn away partially leaving a really cool half-raw look. The 52 is for fuller approach shots and the 60 is for bunkers or those rare instances where I have to drop one out of the sky. Putter: Titleist/Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12 - Length: 34 Lie: Stock Grip: Pistolero Plus An ugly but wonderfully effective offering from Mr. Cameron. I still don't really like the way this putter looks, but it does two important things for me: The green lines (and the overall design) make it really easy to line up, and it has a big, stable head that still does well on putts struck slightly off the sweet spot. The end result is that even though the look is weird, I am able to set up to putts with a lot of confidence. This putter is like Buckley's. It looks awful, and it works. Ball: Titleist -Pro V1x "left dash" I like to choose my ball based on how it performs from the green back to the tee. Feel while putting and chipping is high priority for me, as well as how it feels on those finesse approach shots. I've always liked a firmer feeling golf ball and had gotten disappointed over the years with how they had made the Pro V1x feel a lot closer to the regular Pro V1. When I found out about this "left dash" option I obviously had to try them out. Still haven't played 18 holes with them but I have used them a bit in simulators and on my Birdieball putting green (pictured behind my bag), and I love the feedback. By the way, Birdieball putting greens are an absolute revelation for indoor practice. Highly recommend. Rangefinder: Bushnell Tour V4 (non-slope). Used my employee discount on this, back when I used to cut greens at a country club in my hometown. I hate how expensive these things are, but I think a laser is superior to a GPS. It's just so much faster. Bag: Ping Hoofer Lite. Need I say more? There's a reason the design hasn't changed much over the years... That just about sums it up. If you've managed to read all this, cheers to you. Would love to hear any comments, questions, or other feedback. Cheers, T
  2. Thanks - For now, I would like to honourably request a "broke 80" badge
  3. question of the day: does shooting 70 on the number count as "breaking 70"? I've seen some conflicting takes on this. Let's not talk about the fact that I missed a very straightforward 8-footer for a 69...
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