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  1. Yeah I had no idea places like Golf Galaxy and such let you hit practice shots into the net before you buy... Never owned my own set of clubs so that was news to me . Thanks everybody!
  2. Thank you all for the responses! I think I'm going to go check out the used section at my local shops and see if I find anything I like. If I have no luck I may schedule a fitting and let them know my intentions then browse online for something similar!
  3. Greetings Players, I am seeking some info on club fittings. I have golfed off and on for about 10 years now and I am looking to get back into it. I don't currently own my own set of clubs and have been borrowing my dad's for the last year. It's a set of Niklaus Irons (3-PW, with the PW being my only wedge lol) from probably the 90's paired with TaylorMade Burner woods / driver (2007 I think?). So they definitely aren't the fanciest clubs ever but they seem to do me just fine. I am definitely a leisure player more than a competitive player (around a 18 handicap thru 18), and I will have a few drinks with every round I play so I'm not really looking to have a perfect set of clubs built to shave every stroke possible off. I am more just looking to try out some different clubs and see how they feel, possibly experiment with some added length since I am a bit taller, steel vs graphite and stiff vs regular flex. I'm not really looking to build out a bunch of clubs for a ton of money with specific offset and such considering my swing probably differs greatly from beginning of the round to the end. My plan is probably to try out some different models at the fitting and find something I like, maybe discover if I play better with stiff shafts vs regular flex and then buy some used clubs online. From your experiences, do you find that fitters will mostly carry the newest models of clubs (2020 and newer)? Wondering if its even worth getting a fitting if I will only be swinging brand new models of clubs that are gonna run $1000+ for a set of irons. Since I'm a pretty casual golfer I'm looking to probably buy a couple year old model just to save some money and in my mind I'm probably not good enough for nicer clubs to make a huge difference but who knows! Fitting retailers near me are Club Champion, GolfTec, Golf Galaxy, Scheels and a couple non-franchise shops. Do you guys think its worth me getting a fitting if I'm just going to be a diva about how much I'm wanting to spend? Feel free to share opinions or your personal club fitting experiences! Thanks!
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