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  1. Same here!!! (Looks at his 6 dozen balls and gift cards for golf galaxy)
  2. Some really nice custom fitted irons would be the ticket! Like perhaps those Titleist T200's. Yowza!!!!
  3. I just bought the Infusion Aero, so I am most interested to see if the impact putters are better with their feel.
  4. AI was a diehard cart rider who got out of his cart next to the ball. I had bariatric surgery a year ago and have lost almost 200 pounds since my heaviest weight of 460. Now that I am actually in a position to walk courses safely, I'd love to get into that this season. I was going to use my old pull cart, or just carry my bag, but I'd love to give one of those a try. and just to show I'm not making this up, here are the before and after photos my surgeon posted in his office. Thanks!!!
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