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  1. I have been playing the OL King Forged Tech irons all year & like them a lot. Just simplifies ball position to center of your stance & the same distance away from the ball. I struggled initially with the scoring irons but had no problems with the lower lofted irons / hybrid. My distances were a club longer on average than my previous variable length clubs but that is probably the Forged Tech properties & not due to length of clubs. I am one of those guys whose brain makes golf pretty difficult so simplifying the whole stance, ball position thought process has helped me a ton. My wife just took up golf again after many years off & I bought her a cheap set of OL Pinhawks off EBAY - all clubs look like hybrids - & she is having pretty decent success with them. She likes the OL for the simplicity & the big heads for more confidence in contact as she learns the swing. I believe firmly someone new to golf would benefit a bunch from OL but may be a difficult adjustment for individuals who have played a long time. Good luck with the experiment!
  2. I had a "putting lesson / fitting" where I used a line on the ball, put a laser behind it & found I consistently lined a cup left of what I thought was correct. Using the number as an aid I got within a cup. Pro said what do I usually do & I said I prefer a blank spot on the ball in alignment aid. He said " you are a feel putter". Your mind compensates for misalignment in that you feel the line you want while not looking like you are set to the line. People hate putting behind you in scrambles! Something I have heard before.
  3. Gary, I walk 18 holes 3X's a week and push a Click gear 2.5 or a Titelist carry bag when I really feel spunky.
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