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  1. Definitely close to purchasing one, more than likely the MLM Pro. Have a good outdoor area to be able to use the specialty balls. With golf balls around 16 dollars a bucket a few times a week, it will pay for itself going to the range less. Will allow more short game practice if I can get the settings right.
  2. Oakleys have always been my go to, but have left them at home before a round and bought Sun dogs in the pro shop and haven’t looked back. Lightweight, much cheaper and great to play in, I will stick with them. For 40-50 bucks for good quality, you don’t feel as much pain if you lose, crush or scratch them. Great visibility in them, and the polarized helps to see the Bermuda/hybrid grain in Texas
  3. 400.00 for a good putter, Cameron, evnroll, bettanardi, even some of the high end Pings. 400 would be the threshold, but a good fitting and confident it was fit for me, way more valuable than a 600 dollar driver I can carry ten more yards
  4. Refined my practice down to getting a large bucket, starting with a 48 degree wedge and getting warmed up, move to 8 or 7 iron, and if I’m hitting those good, I start on the three wood, if I hit 8-10 good, move to the driver. I only hit 8-10 per club, if everything feels right. I hit the majority of the bucket with 60 56 and 48 degree wedges from 10 yards to 75. I spend most of my time there and move to a green to chip from various distances. This helps my game more than anything and easier on the back from long sessions. Easier for me to do in Texas, versus a lot of you guys in snow and ice
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