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    Maxfli Tour

    I’ve been playing the Maxfli TourX for a month or so. So fat I’ve been pleased with them, especially the price. I’ll have to try my Pro V1x and see if I notice a difference.
  2. I decide on course and weather conditions or just how I feel on that day.
  3. I almost always clean them after every round. I clean the grips every 2-3 weeks.
  4. Miranda definitely knew how to keep the show moving and get from topic to topic. She was an excellent moderator.
  5. I meant Harry wasn’t on NPG anymore.
  6. I’ve gotten a couple used wedges over the years but they were ones that looked like they’d never been hit. More than likely someone tried them and didn’t care for them.
  7. Just happen to be watching the new episode now. Just Tony and Chris. So no Miranda OR Harry. They say they’ll have a lot of guests, which for me were my least favorite NPG to watch. I liked the interaction between the MGS staff. We’ll have to see how it goes with 2 guys manning the ship.
  8. Kind of depends. Normally every year or two. Last year I got new wedges at the beginning of the year but got new ones again towards the end. Went from a 50,55 and 60 to a 52-58. Keeping both sets in case I change my make up again.
  9. I had a set of those. A terrific set of irons. eBay had some in really good shape for $280
  10. I’ve always ground the putter and have a slight forward press. The forward press sets my wrists and prevents my stroke from breaking down.
  11. Off the top of my head it would probably be the Ping G400 LST. I also had a 3 and 5 wood of the Steelhead XR fairway woods.
  12. I’m not sure anyone besides me in my playing group cleans their grips. Maybe once a season if at all. It would drive me nuts.
  13. I understand that. Years ago I used the Lampkin V Trak that were fantastic grips. I even got some friends to use them. If I would’ve known they were being discontinued I would’ve bought a box of them.
  14. I just saw all three sets up close yesterday. I can’t comment on their performance but while they all look good I still like my MP20 MMCs looks better than the 223s. Everyone has their own preference so I’m just speaking for myself.
  15. I currently changed my wedge set up and carry a 52 and 58 but for most of the year carried a 60. I never really used it for full out swings unless the lie dictated it. Great for short bunker shots, hitting over a green side bunker or other hazards. I don’t carry a low bounce 60 or 58 because as you said, I don’t need it for the minimal times I’d use it. My current 58 has got 12 degrees. I have a fairly steep swing and it’s very versatile for me. I also have friends who carry nothing higher than a 56. I hate to admit that I use it because unfortunately I don’t hit enough greens.
  16. I just did a complete regrip and went with my go to grip, the Golf Pride CP2 wrap standard. They keep their tackiness and have a nice soft feel, which helps since I have some arthritis. On my putter it’s almost always a mid size pistol grip. On my ping it’s their grip. On my changed putter grips I go with Winn midsize
  17. I’m a senior that swings around 100 mph with my driver and I doubt I’d see much difference either. Better to match a shaft to suit you no matter what head your using. Then it’s do you want to find length, accuracy or somewhere in the middle.
  18. I think that it’s mostly Adam that seems to come off as less than humble no matter what the issue. I know he started MGS and should be proud of it, but he always comes off like “this is how we do it and the rest of you are wrong” attitude in my opinion.
  19. I have been as guilty as most for getting something new because it’s new and probably will in the future. The last time I did it was from a F9 to a Speedzone and I got a big drop off in performance. I’d like to see more availability in outdoor testing because I think the results tend to be more accurate. I’ve hit indoors where the staff was honest enough to tell me that the numbers produced aren’t always accurate.
  20. Oh I’m interested, but just got the MMCs last year and don’t need to change what I’m hitting.
  21. I play the MMCs and I’m beginning to think that I’m the only one who thinks they’re beautiful. The short irons don’t look large and clunky IMO.
  22. I think marketing the forgiveness, or MOI would be the way to go makes sense as long as they can verify their claims. Unfortunately marketing length is sexier even though increases seem minimal unless you’re using really outdated equipment.
  23. I haven’t purchased a ball under $40 for years. The last one I did was the original Bridgestone E6. It was remarkably long and straight and I was playing really receptive greens at the time so greenside spin wasn’t a huge factor.
  24. If this were a forum on cars, refrigerators or pots and pans we may be criticizing the over hype, but this is a golf forum
  25. Maybe Rick didn’t think the driver was special since it really didn’t improve his numbers. He’s not there to kiss TMs rear or any other company. He gave his honest review as he saw it as did MGS. Just because their results are different doesn’t mean one is right and the other is wrong. I’m
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