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  1. A week or so ago, I met a man who worked with Hogan. He has a few sets of clubs made by Hogan himself, not by the Hogan company, by Hogan! He has promised me a club, I'm to call him if I don't hear from him by Monday. I know which club is going to be my favorite club from Monday on. Hit 'em straight.
  2. I was thinking of going to Club Champion, especially after I read that they now fit and build Hogan clubs. Having been a used club guy all my golfing life, I can not stomach the prices of new clubs, so the Hogan DTC model is the most appealing. However, the Club Champion closest to me is 1.5 hours or more, depending on traffic away. On top of that, a full fitting is $350. Still, I thought it would be worth it as I am playing at least twice per week these days. Then I met the fitter at my local range, The Pebble Beach Practice Facility where I am a member. A full fitting is only $100 for members! How can I turn that down? I can then order clubs there, with a member discount and the $100 applies toward the price as well, or I can take my specs anywhere, including the Hogan DTC clubs. So, hey! Look out par 5s, I am coming to get you! The par 4s and 3s are in trouble too! Cheers, DJ Heavy OD
  3. My fellow Spys! I would love to test the new Tommy Armour putter. I play every Tuesday, way too early at The Pacific Grove Golf Links, sometimes referred to as the poor man's Pebble Beach. The back nine is right along the Pacific Ocean right here on the Monterey Peninsula. I also practice at the Pebble Beach Practice Facility, where I recently beat Mr. October himself, Reggie Jackson in a putting contest. We even played Reggie's rules. I hack around Poppy Hills Golf Course, where my NCGA membership is housed, with a former Long Drive World Record holder. So please send me so I can put a few more big hitters in their place! CHEERS, DJ Heavy OD
  4. I like the Black over the X. I can't say about trajectory. I just like the way the Black feels over the X. Good luck
  5. Mixed bag of used clubs from Golf Mart, bag boy push cart off craigslist, and a classic Ping Anser putter that kicks butt and drains putts! Hogan's Five Lessons and YouTube Golf Teachers are leading me astray on a daily basis. I'm in a 3 ball/4 ball group of old guys at the Pacific Grove Golf Links on Tuesday mornings. I gave the game up for years, then met a former Long Drive World Record Holder who dragged me back in! He and I tee it up at Poppy Hills now and then and smack 'em regularly on the range at the Pebble Beach Practice Facility. I'm a lucky dude with a mean hook!
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