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  1. Bringing some brands that are new to my golf club would be great.
  2. Sounds like the perfect thing to get me through a Minnesota winter.
  3. I have always putted with my eyes directly over the ball. In fact, my putter has lines to help you do so, but I recently watched a you tube video where they made a compelling argument that your eyes should NOT be directly over the ball. What do you think? Eyes directly over the ball for putting or not?
  4. Can I get the new slice-proof driver please?
  5. One more question... Can you use ARCCOS or Shotscope on uncharted courses? The course we play is never found on any of these apps, but some allow you to play an uncharted course.
  6. Wow! Great information everyone. Thanks for all of the comments. Sounds to me like ARCCOS or Shotscope are the 2 that I should investigate a little more for my personal use. After all, isn't anticipation 99% of the fun of buying a new toy?
  7. I currently rely on my phone app. Can you use a rangefinder to see how far you hit balls on the driving range?
  8. You can now purchase the Golf Pad Tags for $99 for a set of 15 sensors. Are these any good? What sensors do you use and do you like them? Do they work well or not worth it? Interested in your user experience with any of these smart sensor type of products.
  9. Might be time to retire the 1980's vintage Northwestern Tom Weiskopf model 309. I thought I loved her, but putter technology has come a looong way since then. I also have used my neighbors old odyssey blade with the white hot insert and Winn grip, but it has a short 31" shaft that just does't work for me. New putter is definitely on my radar.
  10. Love my ping but the shaft is getting worn and after 5 years maybe there is something better.
  11. Love my old PING, but might be getting a little old.
  12. Mark Mahtomedi, MN Currently walk most of my rounds. I currently use about a 1970's era metal cart. She's a beauty, but maybe it's time to upgrade.
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