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    Fernley, Nevada
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    Golf, hiking, cooking, traveling

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    91-100 mph
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    Driver/Off the Tee
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  1. Russx5

    The best ball?

    I was playing the Maxfli and Snell when I switched. Both are very good.
  2. Russx5

    The best ball?

    Last year my coach suggested I give the Taylormade Tour Response a try. I've had good luck with it and have no complaints. Excellent distance and stops on the greens. What else can you ask for?
  3. I like to be there an hour before but most times it's less. At least enough time to chip and putt for a few minutes.
  4. In our group most guys do but like you said the best player in our group never hits a bucket. He chips and putts and calls it good. I have and I haven't hit buckets I honestly can't tell any difference. No difference in scores. I do use Golf Forever to get a full body stretch/warmup before I do either range or play a round. I think that aids more than anything. One of the best rounds I had lately, was a last minute chance to play nines holes with a buddy from out of town. We had time to check in and head to the tee box. No buildup in my head, in jeans, couple of swings with the driver and we were off. Wish I could capture that mindset every time I golf.
  5. New putter on the way. Odyssey White Hot from a couple of years ago. Going back to a blade. Tried a mallet for the last couple years and it's just not working out. Fingers crossed.
  6. Lucky that my local course is laid back. They let me wife, who doesn't play and the dog walk with me. When the weather is good we try to get out there at least once a week at the end of the day.
  7. Started using the Snell last year and have had good luck with it. Got a dozen Maxfli's for Xmas and have been practicing around the green with those I so far I'm impressed.
  8. Need a little help understanding the draft. Never played in a league this large. Is a player drafted by multiple teams? I saw that's how you did your fantasy golf. Just wondering. Excited to be playing.
  9. I love my push cart. Got it a couple months ago. Somewhat worried because at my home course the holes can be spaced out quite a distance. If you stay on the cart path, it's just over five miles. First time out, it was great. Honestly, believe walking was easier on my body than bumping up and down in a cart all day. Anytime I can use my push cart I do.
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