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  1. Everything is priced to sell, and is in excellent condition. ZX7 irons (nippon modus 120 stiff flex shafts, 4-pw) $750 shipped Titleist Tsi2 3 and 5 woods (hzrdus rdx smoke 6.0 shafts, come with head covers) - $220 each, or take both for $400 shipped!! I only accept PayPal G&S. . Can have everything shipped out tomorrow morning if it sells today!
  2. Putter is brand new, has never been rolled. Looking to purchase a Studio Stainless NP2 to restore, so letting this one go. Asking $380 shipped!
  3. Selling to fund the of a new wedge. Have 15 dozen balls at home, so can spare a few. Asking $125 shipped for all 3 dozen.
  4. Introducing my new flat stick. Purchased from the original owner. Plays 34” w/ a 350g head. This is the best feeling putter I’ve rolled. It’ll be in the bag for a long time!
  5. Irons are in excellent condition. Minor bag clatter, but nothing serious. Looking at ordering a combo T200 set, so looking to sell these. Recently put on some fresh grips. Asking $850 shipped. Will listen to offers.
  6. I was honestly shocked how the manager handled this. I’ve purchased nearly every club I’ve owned from Carl’s. Will be spending my money elsewhere from no one.
  7. Putter is in excellent shape. One of the most consistent putters I’ve rolled. Includes newer style head cover. 34”. No sight line. Asking $200 shipped
  8. Was a warranty replacement from Srixon. Srixon has incredible customer service btw. Sticking with my TSi3 can either ship with a Project XHZRDUS Smoke Black or Project X Riptide shaft (both stiff flex). Asking $265 shipped. EDIT: headcover and tool are both included.
  9. Exactly. Never once did the own up to it. Kept blaming me.
  10. The guy claimed he could just "buff it right out", even though I told him they had cut into the metal. That's when he got all defensive asking why I even bothered to have it regripped. They never once apologized. I'll definitely be taking my business elsewhere from now on.
  11. Some of the sales guys are great. The guy I usually buy from showed me the new T100’s, and wow! Those are some nice looking irons.
  12. How’s that Newport 2 treating you?
  13. Maybe because I’m young (25) they think I’m stupid? They didn’t even offer an apology. Now I’ll be without a putter for a while. I guess it’s a good excuse to buy a new putter, lol.
  14. I just went to Carl’s. They were accusing of me “damaging” it by using a putter rack. When I mentioned the putter is new, the guy said I “shouldn’t have had it regripped. It sounds like you’re going to just resell it anyways”. After some back and forth, they’re going to ship it to Scotty Cameron to have it reshafted. Unbelievable!
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