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  1. What's up fellas (and ladies), new to forum and to MY Golf Spy. In Germantown TN Play a lot, rate courses and equipment for Digest Gaming Ping G400metals, TM TP790 irons with ProV1 and Scotty
  2. Live in Memphis TN--+1 HCP Spend a lot of time at Monterey Peninsula CC and Scottsdale. Retired and course rater for Golf Digest which affords me the opportunity to play a lot of courses around the country. I walk almost exclusively carrying my Hoofer. USC football and European Sr. Tour took their toll on my knees so I could use the assistance of your product. Experience rating numerous golf products and was a patent attorney focused on the golf industry for 20+ years representing among others Jim Flood, Brad Adams and Barney Adams. Play in Society of Senior Golfers as
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