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  1. I received my Titelist “Test” sleeve of balls a couple of weeks ago so have played 4 rounds with them. Funny thing is, they ended up where many of mine end up, in the water. I did like the feel of the balls off the driver and around and on the green. Overall performance very similar to my Taylormade Distance + and the Srixon Z Star. Thank you Titelist for giving me the opportunity to test these out!
  2. I love walking and agree, I play better as it gives me time to think about last shot (sometimes get past that last bad shot ). But, I also feel I get a better picture of the whole green and understand the undulations. Plus, the exercise I get walking. Usually I get about 12-13,000+ steps per round.
  3. I struggle with long irons so not one in my bag. I love my 3, 5, 7 woods!
  4. Thanks for the tip, however I buy Zero Friction Golf gloves and they last forever. I still have mine from last summer and have played 75-80 rounds. Great gloves. I loved the other comments as well, I see someone was able to replace Footjoy shoes. Now, if I could find someone to insure my lost golf balls, I would definitely pay extra!
  5. I love walking 18 holes twice a week! Purchased a Caddeytek push cart during Covid. It is good exercise as I get 12-13k steps each round of golf. I also feel I play better as you see more of the lay of the course most importantly the green as you walk up to the green. However, I played yesterday in 95 degree weather and found I was more tired the last few holes.
  6. I’m looking for the best Golf Stat Books that fellow members have used that have produced positive results after using for some time? Tired of just using fairways hit, GIR, # putts, etc. What suggestions do you have? Thanks! Also looking for any stat sheets to log shots during a round of golf to assist in verifying shots needed to improve my round. Thanks
  7. I started walking again during Covid and really enjoy it and the walking is good for me. I average 6+ miles walking 18 holes. Walking also gives me the time to see the undulations of the green as I walk to the green and gives me time to think about the last or next shot. Plus, save $20-30 a round by not renting a golf cart. Back in 2020 I bought a new CaddyTek push cart for about $150 and have gotten my moneys worth!
  8. I played the for first time this year yesterday in the Denver, CO area. I had back surgery 1/11/23 so I could only walk for the first 6 weeks after surgery. No bending, lifting, twisting for 6 weeks. Then I started physical therapy 3 weeks ago. I walked 18 holes and shot an 89. I played conservative not wanting to hurt the back. I felt good after a round for the first time in 2 years! I can’t wait to get out and play again tomorrow!
  9. I started walking during Covid. Previously I had an old pull cart I would use once in awhile but it hurt my back. I mostly rode in golf cart. I purchased a Caddytek Swivel wheel cart and love it. I now walk 90% of the time. Great exercise program for me. I really enjoy walking as you get a chance to see the green as you are walking to the green, etc. plus big savings as cost is $20 - $25 per round. It is great for my heart. My blood pressure has improved and I have reduced my blood pressure meds. All good!
  10. I have watched the first 6 episodes so far and have enjoyed it thus far. I had back surgery 1/11/23 and can only walk so I’ve been watching while on the treadmill. It has been good to pass the time. Netflix has put it together based on the individual that is new to golf and explains a lot of details about the tournaments. But then hearing from the various players has been interesting to learn about their thought processes, etc. Also very interesting to hear how the LIV players answer good questions on why they chose to move from the PGA. Especially liked to see some of them squirm when asked tough questions about the “Blood Money”. I look forward to seeing the balance of the episodes.
  11. I definitely want to know why they are changing each item. The more knowledge the better.
  12. Sorry, no picture. I had a 1968 Pontiac GTO the original “Goat”. Baby Blue, 400 CC, 4 barrel, chrome wheels, it was sharp. I was 16 years old and supported the county I lived in with traffic violations and knew the County Magistrate by name. Man, I loved that car!
  13. I will be in Orlando the week of 9/25 and looking to play some golf while there. What are some of the best Public courses for the $$. Thanks!
  14. I have the Calloway Rogue ST MAX 7 Wood. I love it and consistent from 145-165. Highly recommend. Good luck!
  15. I was fitted for a Ping g425 - 3 Wood last summer and love it. Easy to hit, straight, and get the ball moving in the air. GoodLuck!
  16. Last year I purchased CaddyTek 3 Wheel swivel. Maneuverability is great. Just need to be careful if your in the trees and above ground roots. Stay in the fairway and you are great! . Good luck!
  17. I was fitted for the Ping G425 and love it! Consistently straight which I prefer versus distance. Good luck!
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