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  1. Any fun golfers in SoCal want to get a round in? I am a high handicap golfer (shoot in the 90s) who enjoys getting out and having fun on the course without being ultra serious. I have played quite a few course in LA, IE and OC. Msg me or reply here if interested.
  2. In case someone posted recently and I missed you... welcome to the group!! :)
  3. Welcome to the group.. Thanks for posting here.
  4. Welcome to the group! I've played both courses at Pacific Palms a few times since I live so close. Maybe we can get a round in sometime.
  5. I might do that down the road, but for right now, I want to have confidence when I approach every shot and set up and I think pulling the SW out and putting in the "old ones" which are 2" shorter will be better for me mentally. But the choke down is an interesting suggestion.
  6. For the last 3 weeks I have been hitting the range a 2-4 times a week and the local golf store a couple of times and I learned some things and made some changes. I was able to find a HDLR 3W ( 15*) that I hit fairly well so I picked it up for next to nothing ($30) and it went in the bag to replace the mini driver. I also learned that I the concept of the one length irons works very well for me as I thought I would because it means I have the same set up and swing for every club. No longer trying to remember ball position and all that. The result is I am more relaxed over the ball and I
  7. I would say that is exactly true.. I have seen people slow down or eve stop on the freeway to get over instead of going to the next exit and coming back. These are times I want a push bar on the front of my car or at least a paint ball gun handy. LOL
  8. I guess I followed you..LOL NYC to San Diego in '91 Then up to LA in '93 and have been here since.
  9. I looked at the one this weekend in SoCal.. says "Sales Closed" I might look into solo lesson packages
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