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  1. Tier 1: Speith Tier 2: Schwartzel Tier 3: Kisner Tier 4: Moore Tier 5: Kjeldsen Winning Score: -11 Low AM: +6
  2. Looking for a Ping Doc 17 right-handed putter. Please let me know condition and price. Marc
  3. Great opportunity. 5.5 handicap. Ben Hogan symbolizes what is right with golf - respect, honor and greatness. The very best attributes that one could hope to be saddled with not only as a golfer, but as man. To be revered and loved for on and off course accomplishments is something all those involved with golf should aspire. Ben Hogan, the company, symbolized quality, innovation and mass appeal. Unfortunately, these things alone do not make for great company as fickle golfers and fickle business decisions can turn a sure birdie into a bogey. But more than ever, the golf world needs a voice from the past to remind us of what we should hold as greatness, to remind us of why we love the game. The new Hogan Company can do this not only with clubs, but by the type of business they choose to be and how they choose to market the name. Remembering what made Hogan, the man, revered and what made Hogan, the company, great is a win-win for today's customers and fans of the game. Best of luck with the new launch and this great opportunity. Would be a pleasure to participate.
  4. WTT: Adams Fast LS for your RBZ 10.5 driver. My Adams has an Attas 70g stiff shaft. Appreciate the time.
  5. I would like to trade my Cleveland Classic 310, 9.5*, with an Accra S2 65 stiff shaft for a 3 wood or 5 wood. Will sell for $235 East of Mississippi or $245 West. Can't get pics to load but will happy to email them to your email address. Shipping from PA via USPS with delivery confirmation. THANKS! Marc mdcree@hotmail.com
  6. I have 6-PW KBS C-Tapers in R+ Flex (5.8CPM which is equivalent to S300). They are standard length in .5" increments. They were used for 7 holes. Stickers are applied shaft side down when installed spined to 9pm (shafts have been spined and marked). Currently have Iomic Black/Red grips installed with rib at 8/9 'o'clock. Red and Black ferrules. Shafts are prepped and ready for install. I would love to trade these for something - what, I don't know, but make me an offer. If I have to put a price on them, let's say $175 shipped CONUS - but would love to trade. Email me at mdcree@hotmail.com.
  7. I have a Callaway FT Tour 9.5* in very good condition that I would like to trade. Club has a Grafalloy Prolite Elite X-flex shaft currently installed. Headcover is included. While I am new to the site, I have numerous transactions at Ebay and other sites. I can email any pics you would like if you have an offer. Throw something out and let's make a deal.
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