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  1. I have been playing Maxfli for a long time find that it is hard to beat the only other ball I would consider is Titleist left dash The tour version is the best ball. Better distance than the X. The Maxfli is a sit and stop ball and does not have overspin issues like pro v snd pro v x. The Maxfli is a better price. You can get in white or yellow. The new 2021 version is a little better than the 2019 model. Only had one person out of hundreds not like the ball. I could go on and on it is just a great ball. Better get stocked up cause looking at a possible ball shortage.
  2. Best ball period. Only other ball that plays the same is Titleist left dash but like other Titleist it overspins but not as bad. Maxfli great price stop snd sit spin distance consistent white or yellow Have done all the testing and played Maxfli for years can’t beat it. Converting people every day
  3. Have used for years they work as long as you have the right size there are no problems use the Nike they are great any time of year better than wearing sun screen
  4. The lab 2.1 putter is deadly from 18 feet in the part that takes work is the longer putts I was not willing to work long enough on that part it is a good feeling putter and yes pricy and big but anyone who struggles with putting and willing to put the time in to learn a new putter it will help their game I am just so good with my Seemore elected to stick with it
  5. I have been a supporter of Maxfli before Dicks and now with Dicks. The second test again showed them at the top of the pack but I already knew this. The Tour is the better ball of the two. Never cared for Titleist but always test stuff for the knowledge. Played the left dash and loved it test confirmed they play pretty much the same. The new Maxfli out this year is even better and the test confirmed that. Dicks runs a deal two dozen for $60. Have converted a lot I mean a lot over to Maxfli. A week ago I had finally one person that didn’t take to the ball. No ball is for everybody but the test is great for giving you a small window to experiment with versus a big window. The Maxfli pros are Cost Distance Spin - Do not over spin tend to hit and sit Quality Perfect flight Con - Do not contract pros to play and name exposure not like big boys This is a big boys ball right along side the Titleist left dash both balls awesome. You have the option to save or spend more bucks.
  6. Maxfli tour best ball left dash Titleist next Snell MTBX next Srixon next
  7. Tim McCormick SC walk and ride Have used a Bag Boy Navigator for a lot of years. I sold it to take a break from walking all the time. I live in a two golf course community where I am retired and am able to play as much as I would like. I have caddied at the Augusta National and have been involved in golf in many ways over the years. My wife says I live breathe eat snd sleep golf. I believe I would be a great candidate to test and review your product.
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