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  1. Shawn Fellion Mt. Pleasant, WI Current putter: Odyssey Big T I would love to test the Tommy Armour Impact 3 putter Thank you for the opportunity to be considered as an option to test one of the Tommy Armour Putters Adam.
  2. I'm in if possible. A torn MCl has made using a motorized cart a must this year even when I only play 9. I would love to try one of the electric carts to see if it would allow me to walk courses again rather than having to rent a motorized cart every outing. I feel like we all get to know every courses peculiarities better when we can walk the course rather than ride in a motorized cart. And walking is a wonderful benefit from a physical fitness standpoint as well. Unfortunately walking with my push cart is not a possibility for me due to the MCL injury and age, 56, catching up with me so an e
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