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  1. @Josh Parker circling back on this. I only was able to get one round in and unfortunately got in late so options were limited. But I did get out to Grey Rock and I liked it a lot. Nice layout overall, some spotty conditions here and there, but overall in good shape. Definitely not a walking course - some holes very spread out - and we had a walker paired with us that really slowed things down. We hit tee shots then were waiting a bit for him to get to the hole then hit! But I enjoyed it. Lost Pines was amazing. Big fan and would love to play it again. Appreciate the rec. Will try to check out the others next time Im in town.
  2. @jdparker this is great - THANK YOU very much. Will report back once I play!
  3. Whatever the best in the area is. Im never in Austin so I want to take advantage. @jdparker
  4. Bumping this one up as I have an upcoming trip to Austin. Im already playing Lost Pines and have time for one more round - what’s the “cant miss” course? I wanted to play Barton Creek but they wont allow non-guests to play. Thanks!
  5. I enjoyed Indian Wells a lot - fun course. Everything out there is beautiful!
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