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  1. Very excited to participate in this, thanks to those who reposted the OP so I could figure out how to navigate there in the app. It's always the fault of the putter, not me, so excited for a chance to put a new stick in the rotation!
  2. I just picked up a Mavrik 10.5 over the winter when this Epic line came out and Mavrik went on discount, but the fitter had actually recommended me getting into the Speed, so would love the opportunity to put it in play and see which one wins out. Word on the street is that frame actually helps w off center hits, not just marketing gimmick... I'm intrigued. Fingers crossed.
  3. Let's hope that putting this down in writing helps make it real! Overall: Play more than 20 rounds (and hopefully at least 1 with some new friends from here) Break 80 on 25% of rounds (~15% last season) Specific (love the Grint stats): Avg GIR > 10 (currently 7.2) - I think a lot of this is mental approach and club selection for me Avg Putts < 31 (currently 32.4) - lag putting needs to improve a lot Avg penalty strokes / round < 2 (currently 3.4) - I've been SO inconsistent off the tee the last few years and when it misses, it's usually a b
  4. Thanks! I'm in Woburn, MA currently. Most days I'd say anything short of an hour drive is reasonable for a quality 18. Most of the public courses nearby seem to only be 9 holes, which is fine for the weekday jaunt. I'm probably 40 minutes from Red Tail, but mostly highway so it's easy going. I've heard good things about the NH options just over the border as well, just haven't gotten the chance to check them out yet. Hoping to get my first holes of the season in at Billerica Country Club this coming weekend if I can get on the sheet. Heard it was an easy walk and not too difficult.
  5. Hi all - I'm excited to jump into the MGS community. I've never been much for online forums or chats, but if there's going to be one worth engaging in, it seems like a world full of people who have an opinion on how to fix my golf swing is the right place to start. Per the suggestions on the original post: I've been playing golf since age 4, so almost 30 years At one point I was just below a 2, but that was short lived and now hover pretty consistently around 8 I directly correlate my increased handicap to moving to NE from Virginia...so much less opportunity to p
  6. Barrett Woburn, MA Yes, I currently walk about three quarters of my rounds. For almost half of my golf I'm only able to get out for 9 holes at a time during the week I do not own a push cart currently, I mostly carry my bag, but when I'm able to get out and play 18 I typically rent a push cart from the course. I'm new to the MGS community but am excited to get involved. The reviews read like a friend of mine wrote them. Keep it up!
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