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  1. I decided to go with the option you first described. I am going to remove the shafts from my old wedges and have them installed in the new CBX wedges. Then they will match all my other irons and I'll have the familiar shaft feel with lovely, new wedges heads.
  2. Thanks everyone for the responses. I'm going to play a few more rounds and if I'm not feeling better about the shafts I'll get fitted into other ones. The CBX heads are definitely keepers.
  3. It's "wedge flex" and it's stiff. According to Cleveland: "The Spinner's tip is more active than previous shafts, adding spin while maintaining control and supplying lightweight feel." I'm guessing it's the .370.
  4. It's both physically and mentally jarring going between clubs. The old wedges have the same shafts as the rest of my irons (SK Fiber Pure Energy 60 or 63gm) so there's a 20 gm increase in weight with the Project X Catalyst Spinner 80 as well as a much different bend point. As for my misses, I don't think I've played enough rounds with them yet to tell. I will say that having nice new, deep grooves is making a difference.
  5. The struggle I'm having is with the very noticeable and disconcerting difference between the new, stiffer wedge flex and my other clubs. After 2 rounds with the new wedges, I am adjusting--somewhat, but they still feel like unbendable steel rods next to my other iron shafts.
  6. During Prime Big Deals, I purchased two Cleveland CBX wedges (52° & 58°) with Project X Catalyst 80 Spinner graphite shafts. The shafts are quite a bit stiffer than my old iron shafts. Two questions, actually: with wedges, is stiffer better for ball flight and distance, and, would it be worth my while to trade out the shafts for ones that have similar flex to my pitching wedge and other irons?
  7. Sure, hit from tees that make the game enjoyable...except so many guys think that playing 5400-5600 yards would be embarrassing, especially if that means playing from tees forward of where their pals are teeing off. Ego and fear, ego and fear. And then there's the average woman golfer who hits her tee shots 150 yards or less. Most every golf course I've played over the last 30 years places forward tees between 5000 and 5400 yards. That's 600 to 1000 yards too long for most women and seniors. And you guys who barely make it 200 yards on a good drive...5600 yards should be your max course length. (Do the math!)
  8. I've been using Ironhead covers for years. Totally not embarrassed by what anyone else might think of doing so. Why only protect your driver and /or woods? I hate the sound of clubs banging together, especially those of another player as they move along the course. Messes with concentration. Not to mention that I paid a lot of money for those irons and want to protect them. Red iron covers go great with my bag, too!
  9. I play Tom Wishon but over the years I have also had a Maltby driver, KZG driver and KZG irons. They are all terrific clubs and deserve a wider audience. If sites like MGS would test and review them, that could happen. Once upon a time, Golf & Golf Digest included Wishon and KZG clubs in their annual club tests. It's how I learned about Wishon Golf to begin with. What would it take for MGS to test and review them?
  10. I read and reread the recent MGS ball report and don't know why they believe most golfers use urethane covered golf balls (although I find a ton of pro v1s in the bushes so I know there are a lot of slicers out there who are wasting money left and right). For myself, I like Wilson Duo, Callaway SuperSoft and Titleist Trufeel. If I lose one, tough on my score but easy on my pocket.
  11. Yamaha golf clubs are apparently very well known in Japan. Not sold here. Google them for more info.
  12. Hi. I live in Portland. I've been golfing for about 25 years. I took up the game after a friend give me a hard time because I always said golf was too expensive and she looked at my kayaks and commented about how much they must have cost. She had me. I started with an inexpensive set and over the years have used better and better clubs. Currently I play with a set of Tom Wishon Golf clubs, a Ping driver and Odyssey O-line mallet putter. I love golf gear, and recently purchased Cleveland Frontline Elevado and Wilson Infinity Buckingham putters to put up against my Odyssey. It's not a fair fight. I've been using golfgirl8350 since I took up the game. I was a lot younger then and thought the name was cute.
  13. 16th hole at the original Brandon Dunes course. Over a chasm and onto the green, if you have the guts.
  14. I have a Ping G400 SFT. Instead of the stock shaft I went with a 40gram shaft that is available for the Max version of the club. Gave me better feel and faster swing.
  15. I agree with Chrishan. I've bought clubs on eBay after being fit locally. But the thing with shafts is that they can be counterfeit clones, so be sure you're getting the real deal.
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