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  1. I play Tom Wishon but over the years I have also had a Maltby driver, KZG driver and KZG irons. They are all terrific clubs and deserve a wider audience. If sites like MGS would test and review them, that could happen. Once upon a time, Golf & Golf Digest included Wishon and KZG clubs in their annual club tests. It's how I learned about Wishon Golf to begin with. What would it take for MGS to test and review them?
  2. I read and reread the recent MGS ball report and don't know why they believe most golfers use urethane covered golf balls (although I find a ton of pro v1s in the bushes so I know there are a lot of slicers out there who are wasting money left and right). For myself, I like Wilson Duo, Callaway SuperSoft and Titleist Trufeel. If I lose one, tough on my score but easy on my pocket.
  3. Yamaha golf clubs are apparently very well known in Japan. Not sold here. Google them for more info.
  4. Hi. I live in Portland. I've been golfing for about 25 years. I took up the game after a friend give me a hard time because I always said golf was too expensive and she looked at my kayaks and commented about how much they must have cost. She had me. I started with an inexpensive set and over the years have used better and better clubs. Currently I play with a set of Tom Wishon Golf clubs, a Ping driver and Odyssey O-line mallet putter. I love golf gear, and recently purchased Cleveland Frontline Elevado and Wilson Infinity Buckingham putters to put up against my Odyssey. It's not a fair fight. I've been using golfgirl8350 since I took up the game. I was a lot younger then and thought the name was cute.
  5. 16th hole at the original Brandon Dunes course. Over a chasm and onto the green, if you have the guts.
  6. I have a Ping G400 SFT. Instead of the stock shaft I went with a 40gram shaft that is available for the Max version of the club. Gave me better feel and faster swing.
  7. I agree with Chrishan. I've bought clubs on eBay after being fit locally. But the thing with shafts is that they can be counterfeit clones, so be sure you're getting the real deal.
  8. Susan Portland, Oregon Currently using a Cleveland Frontline Elevado putter. I'd like to test the #3 mallet.
  9. Driver: Ping G400 SFT with 40gm shaft Other clubs: Tom Wishon Golf (3w, 4 hybrids, 6i-9i, PW, GapW, SW). Fantastic clubs. Putter: Cleveland Elevado
  10. Susan from Portland Oregon I do walk the majority of my rounds. At age 70, the back 9 really takes a toll, so I've been considering a motorized cart. I'd love to try the Motocaddy. I use a Clicgear3.5
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