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  1. Amen. If you're cheating at golf, you're cheating in business and in life.
  2. I would love to join. Sounds like fun and thanks for doing this.
  3. I'm darn loyal. Just added a Sub70 gap wedge. My only non Callaway/Odyssey club in the bag. Bag is Callaway Org 7 but my ball is still a TM TP5x.
  4. 550025KV


    I live In Texas so I use my smoker plenty. Best gift I got last year was a MEATER +. Wireless and Bluetooth temp probe to your phone or tablet using their app. I don't even have to go outside to check the smoker. I can be on the GC and check it. Wonderful device.
  5. We have a great forum here and I would hope the numerous equipment companies are reading the posts. What would you like to see the mfgs do differently in 2023? My starter list: 1. Stop the strengthening of iron lofts. A 6i loft today was a 4i just a few years ago. We can't continue this trend. We'll all need 3-4 gap wedges. (Maybe that's the plan) but we do have a 14 club limit. 2. To the bag guys. Give us a 6 or 7 way top on a cart bag. Not everyone wants a 14/15 way top. Your thoughts?
  6. This simple calculation has stood the test of time and applies to all skill levels. --Take you true 5 iron distance and multiply by 36. That's your optimum 18 hole yardage. ie. your 5 iron is 160 x 36 = 5700-5800 yds. PGA Pro=. 5 iron 210x36= 7500 yds. Give it a try.
  7. The Paa-Ko customer experience is tops. Is it worth $200, probably not. Last time I played there it was under $75, but with a guys trip of 8 that had never been to NM, we put it on the list. None of the other 3 courses were over $100.
  8. We didn't play Cochiti because they had just aerated greens. UNM had a collegiate tourney. Otherwise I'd have added those.
  9. We played Paa-Ko, Black Mesa, Twin Warriors and Sandia. The group voted Paa-Ko 1, Sandia 2, TW and Mesa T3/4. All were excellent. Mesa has some wicked greens and the layout is tricky without GPS. You'd have to play it with someone that knows their way around. Easily a great layout. All around it's a very affordable trip. We booked a month out but had some help from each golf staff.
  10. You'll need the right FW wood or Hybrid and the shaft that optimizes a higher launch. Two things to consider. Try a softer shaft R vs S and try a softer tip shaft. One with a low kick point. Without getting too technical, find a wood/hy that has the weight toward the back of the club. Once you start hitting the ball in the air, your carry distance will increase and your renewed confidence will fix a lot of flaws.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I will look into the Sub70. I just added a wedge from Sub70 and I've been very happy. Great group with excellent service.
  12. Thanks for sharing. I specifically asked the store manager that exact question and he offered no return policy. Just the performance guarantee. I'll probably pass on PGATSS and order through Callawaygolfpreowned.com when one comes available. My entire bag is through the preowned guys. I have a great relationship with that group.
  13. I'm looking for a Toulon Las Vegas putter but wanted to roll a few before buying. Pretty reasonable request before dropping $450. There are none to be found in my area. PGASS will take an online order and if it's not up to my liking, they'll take a return. Key is you must buy another product that same day for an equivalent dollar value. There's no 24 hr policy for returns, no store credit. You either keep it or you're on the hook for a same day purchase of another product. Who came up with this policy? Anyone have a different experience?
  14. Just turned 69 and I'm moving it 240-245. I can still get a few past 255 every round. That's measured using my Bushnell GPS watch. I just upgraded drivers from 9° Mav SubZero to 9° Epic Speed and kept my same Matrix Ozik White Tie 60 Reg flex shaft. Set at N-S and playing the TaylorMade TP5x.
  15. Have you done any studies on wedge spin after a club has been in heavy use for a year or two? i.e. as grooves wear down, what is the overall performance impact. This might be geared to the more advanced player but I think the mid recreational player could benefit as well.
  16. How long for delivery? I just ordered my first JB Satin wedge today and was planning on a 2 week build. Is that about right?
  17. Put another way... Are you playing golf or playing scorecard? Just play golf.
  18. Best advice for any golfer. Read Every Shot Must Have a Purpose by Pia Nilsson and Lynn Marriott or Google Think Box, Play Box. It changed my season. Vision 54. Follow the lessons and there is no room for thoughts.
  19. Callaway Mav SZ Driver, Mav SZ 4W&5W, Mav hybrid, and Apex irons, Hogan 54° wedge, Cleveland 58° wedge, Odyssey putter. Taylor Made TP5x ball.
  20. I chose these irons because of the game improvement feature. Love the thin top line and have always played forged irons bc of the fell. Trying to hold on to a single hdcp as I move into my late 60s. Ken Southlake TX currently playing Callaway Apex 19 5-GW 9.8 Yes I will you agree to patriciate in discussions on the forum about your experience with the irons after receiving them.
  21. I've been a Hogan fan for years (new and old). I currently play their wedges and have a barely used set of ICON irons I'd like to move for a very good price. I'm in Fort Worth and purchased this summer. DM me for more details.
  22. 19th and my best finish YTD. MGS, Thanks for putting these together. Only 260 days until The Masters.
  23. We have a similar mix of players. In our group the gross skin will beat the net skin. Ex. A gross 3 will win a skin over a 4 net 3. If we didn't go that route, the low hdcp players wouldn't play. Keeps everyone interested and honest.
  24. I run our weekly buddies game. Usually just a $20 buy in. We have that one guy that has the questionable hdcp. Either never posts or only posts the higher scores. Every week we have to embarrass him into posting to GHIN and it's never a comfortable conversation. How to you guys manage your groups and handicaps? Here are my options: 1. Leave him out of the game. 2. We do the adjust and tell him he's playing to a xxx.
  25. I'm arranging a guys trip to Albuquerque this fall with 8 guys from Texas. Mostly single digit golfers. Looking for suggestions on golf. Here's my tentative lineup: 4 rounds Paa-ko Ridge, Sandia, Black Mesa, Cochiti Lake, Twin Warriors or Santa Ana. Any adds or deletes from this list?
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