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  1. I use 2 wedges exclusively around the greens. Learn these 2 terms. "Leading edge or bounce". Ask yourself is it a leading edge shot or a bounce shot? Choose accordingly. 52° for any low runner with some green to work with. Relatively flat lie or slightly uphill. Hands forward and use the "leading edge" or the club. 58° If I need some loft, flop shot over a bunker, all sand shots or severely short sided. Also any severely downhill chip. Hands neutral and use the "bounce" of the club.
  2. I used to golf with Ken. I thought he gave up the putter biz a few years ago.
  3. Forget the team names. Look at the field. Unless you're a golf junkie, you wouldn't recognize 8 players in the entire field.
  4. I'll go on record as a 20% interested observer. I'm more interested in seeing how this plays out with the various Tours. Part of that has to do with my disdain for Greg Norman. He's a pompous ass. His countryman Wayne Grady said it best. Google it and you'll see. The quality of field is a joke. They all hide behind the veil of "growing the game". That's total BS. If it wasn't for the $$$, not a soul would have showed up.
  5. Apparently the press conference was a real cluster this morning. Reporters and players were all asked to leave after someone asked a marginal question and the MC took offense. It got ugly. I dont know the question but tempers were on display.
  6. So the alternative LIV Golf is ready to launch its first event. Are you watching? My understanding is it's only going to air on a streaming service YouTube or the LIV golf website. Thoughts?
  7. Matrix Ozik White Tie. It's been in every Callaway driver I've owned and it's still in play today. High launch, low spin in a 9° driver.
  8. I grew up in Inwood and caddied at Inwood CC in my younger years. Played many a round of golf at ICC. One of the most colorful histories in American golf.
  9. Lucky to have two courses in the Ft Worth area that I play. Timarron CC which is a Byron Nelson signature GC and Sky Creek Ranch which is a Robt Trent Jones Jr whip. The first 3 pics are #18, #8 and #7 at SCR. Last pic is #9 at Timarron. Prior to that I played 14 yrs at the only GC ever designed by Ben Hogan. Trophy Club CC. All gems.
  10. 7 way top all day. I have the Callaway Org 7 and it's the best bag for walking or riding. Plenty of room for clubs, balls, rangefinder and a lg pocket for windbreaker, etc. For me the 14 way is overkill.
  11. 550025KV

    Matte finish

    Wonder if MGS ever did a review on matte finish balls vs a traditional finish. I found a matte finish Callaway ball and can't help but think the "drag" on a matte finish would impede distance. What's the attraction?
  12. Years ago a buddy and I belonged to a club where many of the clothing reps were members. We used to buy all the end of year showroom/demo shirts, shorts and jackets. The Rep got a huge 100% windfall. We bought them at $.15-$.25 on the dollar and would sell them at 25% off retail. Win-win-win for all. Paid for a months dues.
  13. Here's a ProTip from another bargain shopper. If you're lucky enough to have a ticket to the Masters, don't ever buy apparel (hat, shirt, etc) with the date. Chances are you're never hanging up that Masters cap. However, if it's 2029 and you're still wearing a Masters 2022 cap, you're almost always going to get the odd glance from someone. Choose the one without a date. Same with OEM apparel. Stay away from TM "Stealth" or Callaway "Rogue ST". Next year it's obsolete. If you go with just TM or Callaway, you're good for years.
  14. I've been going to HHI for years. If you only need 2 near Bluffton, I'd highly recommend CC of Hilton Head and HH National. CCHH is private but they do welcome outside play. HHN is one of the best on the island. Check aeration schedules. They're usually punching in April. Old South is good value. Dolphin Head is another very good semi private club. Can't go wrong with those 4.
  15. I'm a no glove guy and have played full cords or a very firm grip forever. Currently playing the Golf Pride Z Grip cords. I tried to save a few bucks and went SuperStroke S Tech ($6 vs $11 ea) and cut them after a month. Horrible feel for me and a waste of $50. Lesson learned.
  16. Just a few brands: Callaway driver, fairway woods, hybrid and irons. Cleveland gap wedge, Ben Hogan lob wedge Odyssey StrokeLab putter
  17. Late notice but we usually have room at Sky Creek if you're looking for a game.
  18. Everyone worries about "never up, never in" but 100% of those putts that go past the hole don't go in either.
  19. I think the Callaway ERC Soft is crazy long.
  20. Agree with @revkev. X vs non-X has nothing to do with swing speed. The difference is in firmness and spin. Your big box store guy needs a better education on balls. You made the right decision to go with TP5x.
  21. First name- Ken City & State- Southlake Texas Do you currently walk the majority of your rounds Yes Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one Yes ClicGear 3.5
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