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  1. Yeah I would double check everything before you install and after a few range sessions. If you roll the shaft on a table(must be level) you'll notice quickly if it has an issues in the tip section. Good luck! I'm hoping they got it all fixed as I really did like them.
  2. I think Brysons next Staff deal(or lack of) will be very telling. Also if Bryson, and potentially DJ start to play the LA ball.
  3. I also was able to get a $15 dozen. I took them to an indoor simulator and compared them to the Callaway Chrome soft x LS and they were almost identical. They actually had a little less spin on the irons. But rumor has it that they will have a $69.99 price tag....
  4. No problem, I'm sure its not the feedback you were hoping for but I hope it helps. And yes like you I hit a lot of full shots with my wedges. The 54 was bent A LOT more than the 58, but I also hit a lot more full shots with the 54. We reached out to BGT and the rep actually mentioned they knew about the issue but thought they had fixed it and that the bad inventory had been replaced. He asked us to send back all the shafts(even the replacements) so they could get them to their research team. We are waiting a phone call from BGT on what to do moving forward as we do not want to keep replacing shafts every 4-6 weeks. I most likely will give them one more run and see how they hold up but if they fail again I'll probably give up on that idea. If/when I them again I'll let you know how they hold up!
  5. I was able to get a dozen for $15 and put them to the test with a launch monitor at my local GolfTec. What we found was that the #'s were almost identical to my gamer(Chrome soft X LS). I have yet to take them out to the course to test the green side spin ETC. As for the price, a friend of mine owns a golf shop and they will have a "suggested" retail of roughly $69.99 a dozen. Needless to say, once I lose all of these it will be the last time I play an LA Golf Golf ball!!
  6. So bare with me as this is my first post, but I hope this will help BGT and was curious if you all have noticed the same issues... So I also watched the video and had to try these shafts! the dispersion element was most interesting and I couldnt pass up the opportunity. So I had my DG TI S400's pulled and put the BGT ZNE 130 in my new Cleveland RTX Zipcore wedges(58 & 54). My initial reaction was that they felt VERY stable(stiff) which is what I was looking for and expected. I went out and practiced/played I ended up loveing them as I found that they truly did help with my dispersion and did not impact my feel and touch around the greens/bunkers. They actually gave me extra confidence out of the rough as I play in SC and our course has very deep/think Bermuda rough and I felt as I did not have to worry about the face shutting down. But here come the unfortunate part.... After less than a month totaling 15-20 hours of practice and 4 or 5 rounds I noticed that the my shots were starting to be very inconsistent and I could not figure out what was wrong to save my life. Then one day on the range I noticed that the shafts looked bent in the tip section. Unfortunately, both of the shafts had failed at the connection point had bent backwards. The shop I use had some new ones that they were going to swap but upon further examination we noticed that all of the shafts(including the unused ones) were not straight and when rolled was very noticeable. They reached out to BGT and they replaced all of their inventory with new goods but the replacements also had the same issue. I really did love the way these shafts felt and played but I will have a hard time trying them again as I have lost confidence in the quality/durability... it was an expensive experiment so I will let others test until they can get the kinks ironed out. Has anyone else noticed these issues?
  7. I am selling my Miura KM-008 putter it is in MINT condition and only has been used twice. I am asking $1,000 OBO but I am willing to negotiate. This is a very rare putter but I am in need of the money so please only serious offers. Please see pictures...
  8. James/charlotte NC 128 Callaway epic flash triple diamond 10.5° Mitsubishi rayon Kuro kage xm70 x-flex No I have not
  9. James Charlotte, NC At least 36 holes a week @ River Hills CC No push cart but looking into electrical push cart
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