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  1. Thanks to recent surgery, it appears my putting has suffered and a new shape/style would be nice to test.
  2. Since I prefer a sedan with a trunk over driving a truck, minivan or SUV, I like others, am concerned about storage so I actually take 2 sets of golf clubs and luggage when searching for a new car and the very first thing we do is pack the trunk. If all that does not easily fit we move on. Last year I found a perfect solution and combination of luxury, comfort and storage in a 2020 Lexus 350 hybrid. It worked well on our trip to Michigan with stops for golf in Indiana, Michigan and Iowa and we averaged almost 48 mpg.
  3. Randy Zator Spring, TX Current - - Odyssey White Hot XC #7CS I would welcome the opportunity to test either the Tommy Armour Impact #3 (Mallet) or Impact #1 since that is a different look than what I have now. Thanks
  4. Randy Spring, TX At 76 years old, I currently ride every time I play golf but my doctor is encouraging me to walk and this appears to be a great way to, perhaps, make the doctor happy and, hopefully, improve my health.
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