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  1. Either a 5 wood, or rearrange my wedge setup to put in a 64
  2. Had same issue, my problem was not enough hip rotation in backswing and a VERY high right shoulder coming through at impact. Now I stand slightly further from the ball, for more bend at the waist, and my backswing trigger is left shoulder and hip starting synchronized. Coming into impact I feel like I'm hitting a low tennis backhand and don't move my head until I feel my right shoulder move under my chin. Corrected my path issues as well as timing issues, and gave me a straight ball/ 2 yard draw off the tee. Hope you can take something from this. Good luck
  3. Matt Wallington NJ, I walk the majority of my rounds. Usually unless I'm with my wife... plays 3 or 4 times a year with me. I don't have a cart right now. Carry it on my left shoulder. Would love a cart!
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