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  1. I play this ball currently. Personally I think it outplays the other low spin balls on the market. Price point is a bit high but comes with the callaway branding. Have had some really good scores playing this, helps me off the tee tremendously. Not sure what goes into the scoring but from personal experience, it’s a quality ball.
  2. I prefer a lower spin ball, helps me off the tee. I have been trying to adjust my game around the green, putting a lot more off the fairway/fringe and running the ball to the green. I have been trialing a lot of different balls but have been enjoying the chrome soft as of late.
  3. Buffalo, thanks for the advice!
  4. I’m going to be competing in some local amateur tournaments this summer. Looking for some help from the community to get dialed in. what are some good tips for competing? Mental? Course management? Some things you realized during your first tournaments?
  5. Scott Fisher buffalo, NY walked 25 of 40 round last year I use a clic gear
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