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  1. looks great, best of luck with those weapons
  2. 5. The patch / Augusta Municipal This is a very short golf course, even from the back set of tees. The layout is not bad, but displays little to no challenge. The course conditions are usually pretty bad, but they seem to be getting better with time The course does have a driving range, and a short game practice area 4. Goshen Plantation Golf Club Goshen provides an extremely challenging layout The course provides various sets of tees that accommodate each and every skill level The greens are slow, but run true course condition is fair, but seems to be improving has an excellent driving range and short game area. 3. Forest Hills Very historic golf club Has many sets of tees to accommodate many skill levels Greens are blazingly quick, and have a ton of slippery slopes Layout is my favorite of the local public clubs. Has a driving range, but a very limited short game area 2. Mt. Vintage This course is the most challenging public course around Course provides few sets of tees, but are spread out alot greens are slow, but run true The rough is no joke There are no flat lies, the ball is either above or below your feet Has the best driving range and short game areas 1. The River Incredibly scenic, especially the first and last 3 Challenging, but not impossible Many sets of tees, but the back set could be longer Water everywhere, and I mean everywhere Perfect condition year round super fast and true greens pace of play is slower than christmas Thanks for reading - Myles Riley
  3. I use a Lin Q gunmetal made by UST Mamiya. I use this shaft because it helped me reduce spin (this has been a major problem for me before this shaft and a few lessons). Most low spin shafts seem to have very low forgiveness as well, but this did not seem to be the case for me with this shaft, my misses just flew like misses with a mid spin shaft. Another major reason why I use this shaft is because it was what I was fitted for. I was lucky enough to have a fitting from Josh at TPC Sawgrass, and durring this fitting we were both surprised by how much this shaft helped me. I would love to hear what everyone uses Best of luck - Myles Riley
  4. Myles North Augusta, South Carolina Yes, I walk the majority of my rounds. A rough estimate would be 85% of my rounds I do use a pushcart, its a clicgear 8.0, but it has recently started breaking down
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