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  1. So I've put some mileage on the well-discussed Kirkland wedge set... about 20 rounds now. I've had a chance to test under a variety of conditions in Northern California (wet/dry, morning/afternoon, light/heavy rough, compacted/super-compacted sand) and I have to say that these wedges are the best value clubs that I've ever played. I have played Vokey wedges for the past 10 years and I have found little to complain about in the transition to the Costco branded clubs. Loft/bounce - Although the wedges don't offer much in the variety of bounce (10* or 11*) between the 3 clubs, I have been able to play tight lies and thick rough without a second thought. At 52*, 56* and 60*, the wedges almost fit perfectly in the gap department with my 45* PW / 50* AW of my trusty Titleist AP1 910 irons. A 54*/58*/62* option would have been ideal for me, but I've found the stepping of distances to be pretty good. In fact, I'd taken my Vokey 60* out of the bag numerous times due to inconsistent yardages. The Kirkland 60* has been a money club in the 65-70 yd department even from the fairway. I'm able to open/close face to add variety to the bounce and lofts just as with any high end wedge on the market. 5/5 Grips - This is one minor area of complaint for me. The grips are of standard thickness which I get... they are marketing to a wider range of golfers including women and kids. I will likely go to a midsize grip in the summertime when the Sacramento valley sun increases the sweat potential and grip pressure increases with the possibility of losing grip. To be fair, I've played with these standard grips and have been happy with the performance. It took a round or two to get used to it, but I honestly don't even notice it anymore. 4.5/5 Look - If these looked clunky, there's no way I'd play them. I don't have a tremendously discerning eye, but I think they look a lot like the Vokeys. Top line is fine. Size seems perfect to me. 5/5 Endurance - So after 20+ rounds, I'm seeing some wear marks on the clubs. I'm a little surprised at how quickly they were to get scuffed up, but I can't say that I have noticed a difference with them. I had an encounter with a granite rock on the toe with a lefty shot attempt, and it actually held up pretty well. 4.5/5 Cost - Come on. I had an old Vokey reshafted/regripped and paid the same as what one of these wedges cost. This is a no brainer. 5+/5 Overall - I brag about these bad boys every chance I get so I'm sure my regular group is getting a little tired of me talking them up. If I ever hear a rumor that production is going to stop, I'm going to buy another set for when I need them. What more do you need to know. (I am not employed by Costco though I have eaten a ton of $1.50 hot dog and soda combos in my lifetime)
  2. Andy Folsom, CA Walk 90% of rounds, some flat and some foothill courses, and anywhere from 5 to 9 miles of walking per round. On pace for another 70 rounds this year, just like last year. I use a 4-wheel Caddytek purchased about 6-8 years ago.
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