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  1. Mitchell Oertle San Jose, CA Odyssey Triple Track Ten S Odyssey Mini Seven S Testing the Tommy Armour Impact 3 would be the ideal comparison test.
  2. First Name: Mitchell City & State: San Jose, CA I walk...I used to carry, but when I hit 53 I realized I was Old enough to invest in a Rovic Push Cart. I’ve slogged the Hills of all the Great Courses in my Area...Spyglass, Pasatiempo, Poppy Hills, Cinnabar Hills...and very Muni from San Francisco to Gilroy. I usually log more miles than most, because my ball usually seems to venture off the beaten path... A remote push cart seems like a great accessory, but I do enjoy the added physical benefit of pushing the cart during a round. Have thought about investing in an add-on, but would rather demo a unit before committing...this seems like a grand opportunity.
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