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  1. Yes!! Lessons should be integrated with fitting and, moreover should not be enslaved to the launch monitor and related technology (are you listening, GolfTec?). One good metric for an effective learning/improvement experience is the commitment of your teacher to your improvement and his/her courage to intuition. Trial and error shaft/club tinkering and online tips can lead one down a primrose path of loss and abandonment.
  2. At 69 yo, my swing speed is not what it once was either. I have tried Sr. shafts occasionally over the years, and have not had great results with them. The late Emeritus Pro at my club (Skagit GCC, Washington State) was a fan of everyone hitting stiff shafts even as they got older and slower! That is a bit extreme, imo. But his larger point was that distance is less important than accurate and consistent ball striking and that the latter will yield more of the former. Another comment that I recently heard from a teacher of teaching pros is as we age we lose our sense of balance as much o
  3. Professional club fitting has grown in allure and mystique. Obviously it's very important to have clubs that fit you. But, as I learned at another well known national chain of lesson/fitting providers, club fitting, even in the context of an array of technology is as much art as science, once the basics are understood. The best driver shaft fitting that I ever had was trial and error through eBay with about five different shafts on my 2010 Taylor Made RBZ head (the stock shaft for that driver sucked for me). The standout and 7 season gamer was a Project X Blue 5.0. I am a 20 handic
  4. Great job with podcast and the extensive research leading up to it. It would interesting to know the degree to which a mid-to-high handicapper can really perceive the in-brand ranges of inconsistency that you are discerning from your data.
  5. Member at the hidden gem, Skagit Golf and Country Club. Three years in after 30 years of playing public golf before retiring north from Seattle. H'cap just ballooned to a 23 after having down to 18 last summer. Help!! Actually, no don't. I've got this. Maybe.
  6. Doug Hansen, Trustee Skagit Golf & Country Club Burlington, WA Do you currently walk the majority of your round: Yes Do you use a push cart now, if yes which one: Yes, Bag Boy Tri-Swivel.
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