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  1. I’ve been struggling with this barrier since returning to golf 5 months ago after being off for 4 years(filming a YouTube fishing channel). I’m now filming a golf channel and have post numerous 80’s and 81’s. I needed par on 18(par 5). Was 125 out for my 3rd, then proceeded to take five more strokes. Sadly, it comes out on video in the morning(Knucklehead Golf- My New Old Course Pt 3, if anyone is interested).
  2. I started playing occasionally with my did in my early 20’s. My older brother started playing in Denver about the same time. He came to visit, a rivalry quickly occurred and we are still battling for a family trophy to this day(35 years later). I learned by taking lessons, practice and a lot of playing. I currently have the trophy
  3. I’ve always believed that as a single digest handicap, I’m statistically going to beat most new people I play with. Well, in this video, I get my statistics handed to me
  4. Was a golf fanatic from age 25-50. Left my club, played sporadically till 54, then quit to pursue a YouTube fishing channel. Missed golf and have returned 4 years later creating a golf channel in the last 6 months. Golf is my passion.
  5. I’m currently about 10 handicap, would like to get below 7. I’m on the edge of breaking 80(had 3 this year, was 1 over after 10 holes last week). looking to break 75 this year. Everything, good or bad, will be on my YouTube channel(Knucklehead Golf).
  6. Had a couple attempts in the last couple rounds, but usually once every 3-4 rounds.
  7. Came close once. Shot a 69 with 4 birdies and 1 bogey.
  8. I’m primarily a boring Budlight guy. I used to drink a six pack per 45 holes back when I was a member at a local club. I’ll occasionally have 1-3 on 18 holes, but usually none due to filming my YouTube channel. I don’t care to drink at home, I’m a light social guy at dinner. I also like an occasional margarita
  9. Happy Birthday y’all’s
  10. This is part 2. I have a major blowup after a birdie. Excessive birdie tax
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